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Kristen Houser

Kristen Houser


Student Body President


1. Where is the SGA office located?

  • The SGA office is located in the Larsen Student Union. At the top of the stairs, there are offices and towards the back of the hall is the SGA office. (L-202)

2. What is SGA's primary purpose?

  • SGA's primary focus is on connecting with the student body and sharing in their needs. SGA is set in place to link students with the administration, faculty and staff to ensure that their voices are being heard and processed.

3. What does SGA do with the Student Activity Fees each semester?

  • SGA distributes the student activity fees given each semester from students to a variety of clubs and organizations. Amounts allocated are discussed with the Vice President of Finance and the Vice President of Organizations along with their committee to provide the appropriate amounts for budgeting. ($301,736.00; Fall 2009)

4. Who can work in SGA?

  • The SGA President's Cabinet is made up of currently seven positions: President,
    Vice President, V.P. of Finance, V.P. of Organizations, V.P. of Educational Programs, Chair of the Peer Review Board, and the Executive Secretary
  • Each spring there is an election and all returning students are welcome to sign-up, petition and run for a position. Students are encouraged to get involved and become a part of SGA!

5. What is the SGA Research Grant Program?

  • The grant is in place to assist students financially in presenting original material at a conference. See link: for more information. Please contact the Vice President of Educational Programs if you have any questions.

6.How can I get in touch with SGA during off hours?


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