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Thank you for your interest in your son or daughter's plans to live and study in Philadelphia. We know that as a parent, you may be experiencing some mixed emotions about his or her plans to participate in this unique opportunity. We trust that the information included here will help answer your questions and calm any fears. We hope you might come to share your son or daughter's excitement about a semester in the city.


No one can describe it better than other parents. Meet some online and hear their stories.


How will this experience benefit my son or daughter?

Without planning for it, many students develop a clearer understanding of their vocation while attending the campus. Living and studying in the city are so closely intertwined that students are forced to think about their faith, world view, responsibilities in the world, career preparation, and coursework in a new light.


MCPC helps students to:

  • Engage: Be involved and participate in the neighboring community, campus community, and educational opportunities afforded by urban living, Temple University and MCPC;
  • Enhance: Improve the value of a Messiah College education and
  • Enrich: Add to maturity of intellect, character and Christian faith.


Is it safe?

Messiah College makes student safety a top priority and is particularly sensitive to safety and security issues related to MCPC. By taking a proactive and common sense approach to student safety, MCPC has achieved an excellent track record over the forty years since its inception. In addition, MCPC partners with the Temple University Department of Campus Safety Services to ensure that your son or daughter has access to all the safety services and resources available to a major urban university.


How much does it cost?

There is no additional cost to attend. Students continue to be eligible for scholarships and financial aid and work study positions are available on-campus. Room and board rates are comparable to those at Main Campus. Students are required to participate in a meal plan. Bills will be issued by Messiah College, not Temple University.


When do we arrive?

All students are required to attend Orientation Weekend. Parents are invited to join us on the first day of orientation for a parent session with the Program Director, lunch and a tour of the MCPC and Temple University facilities.



Please share your reflections, thoughts or questions by contacting us.

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