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Philadelphia Campus

Letter from President Phipps


The Philadelphia Campus of Messiah College has played an important role in fulfilling our college's mission to educate students for lives of service, leadership, and reconciliation.


By living together in an intentional community, the students and faculty at "Philly" have the unique opportunity to build bridges with students and faculty from Temple University, with each other, and with the neighbors who live in North Philadelphia. On a daily basis, members of the Philly Campus community have the privilege and the challenge of living out Christ-centered values of service, justice, and reconciliation. Through community-based learning projects such as urban gardening, caring for the homeless, painting neighborhood murals, and facilitating meaningful relationships with neighbors, the Messiah community functions as "salt and light" in the nation's fifth largest city. In addition, studying at the Philly campus provides exceptional professional opportunities in disciplines such as business, communication, film, social services, education, as well as others. Because of the distinctives of a well developed internship program, students have the occasion to learn from professional mentors while reflecting on the meaning of those experiences with the assistance of caring Messiah educators. In order to be prepared to live and serve in a global 21st-century society, consider taking advantage all that the Philadelphia campus has to offer!

President Kim Phipps, Ph.D.


Kim S. Phipps, Ph.D.
President of Messiah College


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