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Philadelphia Campus

MCPC Mission, Purpose, Values, and Goals


MCPC Mission: A residential learning-community of Messiah College that uses the City of Philadelphia and Temple University as a context for educating men and women toward maturity of intellect, character and Christian faith.


MCPC Purpose: The purpose of the Philadelphia Campus (an undergraduate residential learning environment) is to offer undergraduate students an integrated urban-focused pedagogy for examining how Christian faith and practice informs and directs academic inquiry, community engagement and vocational calling. Motto: To engage the City as text and context for learning, serving and living.


MCPC Values: The Philadelphia Campus works to fulfill each of the five central values of Messiah College in the following ways:


  • Unity of Faith, Learning and Life: The Philadelphia Campus promotes the creative integration and blending of Christian faith, applied learning and urban life by faculty, staff and students who live and work together in this residential learning community.
  • Importance of the Person: Each student is encouraged to take personal responsibility for the design and significance of her/his educational experience and to consider vocational occupations that respond to human suffering and social vulnerability, especially among marginalized populations within urban environments.
  • Significance of Community: The purpose, size and location of the Philadelphia Campus provide for examining and experiencing a particular form of "community" that is based on a mutual covenant by students regarding who they intend to be and what they hope to accomplish during a semester of study with other students, faculty and staff through engaging the neighborhood, city and world.
  • Importance of Disciplined and Creative Living: Residential life at the Philadelphia Campus is intentionally designed to assist students in constructing and maintaining a learning environment that supports the practice of spiritual disciplines and provides for creative and authentic expressions of Christian living.
  • Importance of Service and Reconciliation: Planned community involvement, opportunities for service work, and participation in ethnic churches are offered so students can serve others and deepen their understanding of social reconciliation and transformation within an urban context (especially as it relates to issues of equity, justice and compassion).


MCPC Goals:

  • Educational Program: To offer a self-directed semester-long study program that emphasizes personal responsibility, engaged inquiry, resource stewardship, and social transformation guided by a Christian world-view within a diverse urban setting.
  • Experiential Learning: To provide an urban-focused, experiential learning environment that encourages students to integrate academic work, community living, and vocational interests with civic engagement.
  • Department Enhancement: To give students and academic departments curricular options to enhance and/or complete a Messiah College undergraduate degree while taking advantage of resources and opportunities found at a large public university and within a major metropolitan area.
  • Institutional Presence: To facilitate positive student educational experiences by enhancing the Philadelphia Campus' facilities and support services and to maintain a community presence for Messiah College that makes a positive difference in the City of Philadelphia.
  • Alumni Support: To support and involve MCPC alumni in College activities and programming through Philadelphia Campus.



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