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General Education: Oral Communication


The Messiah College registrar has approved the following Temple University courses to meet the Messiah College Oral Communication general education requirement. Not all of these courses are offered every semester at Temple University. To review the semesters that these courses usually are offered, refer to the course descriptions provided in Temple University's online undergraduate bulletin.


Notes regarding Temple University Course Numbering:

  • The first digit of course numbers indicates the recommended year for taking the course (i.e., course # 2411 is appropriate for students who have sophomore status).
  • Course numbers with 9 as the second digit are honors courses.
  • Course numbers ending in xx96, xx97, and xx98 denote writing-intensive courses.


Oral Communications


Temple Department

Course #

Course Title


Strategic and Organizational Communication


Public Speaking
(COMM 106)



Note: Temple University courses count toward your Messiah degree. The course title, letter grade and credit number appear on the Messiah College transcript and are included in students' GPA and credit total.


Exact Messiah course equivalent appears in parentheses next to the course title.

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