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The 5th largest city in the nation, Philadelphia has hundreds of professional opportunities, making it a great place to complete an internship. Interships Students get specific to their interests and often determine their career goals during a semester internship. Networking and earning references in Philadelphia often leads students to job offers upon graduation. Students also enjoy the independence an internship provides; they quickly get used to taking public transportation downtown and riding the elevator to the 12th floor or riding their bike to a small nonprofit organization.


MCPC students can take anywhere from 1-12 credits of Internship, choosing from the following options:



MCPC has a database of over 900 potential Internship sites. Here are a few students recently chose:




Research Assistant

Banyan Productions

Public Relations Assistant

Mural Arts Program

Newsroom Assistant



Philadelphia Magazine

Medical Assistant

Esperanza Health Center

Felony Waiver Unit

Philadelphia District Attorney's Office

Assistant to Guidance Counselor

Dunbar Elementary School


Sustainable Business Network


Philadelphia Phillies

Research Assistant

The Academy of Natural Sciences


For details about Messiah College internships, visit the Internship Center website or office in The Eisenhower Commons. For specific information about Philadelphia internships, contact Judy Walterson at


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