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Philadelphia Campus

Internship Semester Program


This program is designed for students to spend a significant amount of time at their internship site and process their experiences with MCPC faculty and students. The biggest difference between this program and other MCPC internship opportunities is that students will not take Temple University courses.


City, Vocation and Christian Faith

  • Examine the complexities of contemporary city life while you complete an applied, career-related internship experience, integrating your Christian faith with the practice of your discipline
  • Live and work in one of our nation's oldest and most historic cities as you complete this semester-long opportunity for junior and senior students
  • Participate in a unique Christian residential learning community that engages the city as text and context for learning, living, and serving
  • Gain a better understanding of the professional work environment through an internship experience
  • Access resources and facilities at Temple University through Messiah's partnership with that institution ** temple . . .with the university?**


Program Requirements:



Complete between 9 and 12 credits
Choose monthly or weekly class

One or Two MCPC courses

Choose from the 3-credit general education courses offered at MCPC

Optional Cross-Cultural credit

Complete URB 260 Urban Cross-Cultural

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