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Philadelphia Campus

School of Education and Social Sciences


Department of Education

MCPC offers various ways for students to get experience in the classroom and explore issues of urban education. There are several schools within walking distance of MCPC, including Tanner Duckry Elementary School, Dunbar Elementary School, and William Penn High School. Education majors often take the MCPC course URB 310 Urban Field Experience and spend about 90 hours throughout the semester in an urban school.


Students also volunteer at local after school programs. This usually involves tutoring and playing with the neighborhood children.


Department of Human Development and Family Science

The variety of Temple University courses and practical experiences available in the city are important components for students' success in this major. Students often find the diversity of Temple's student body and the city of Philadelphia to broaden their understanding of what they've studied. Many students choose to complete an internship specific to their interests.


This department created course equivalency statements with Temple University courses.
HDFS major
HDFS minor


Department of Psychology

Psychology majors appreciate the opportunity to conduct research with Temple University faculty. Students may earn credit through an Independent Study research course. Major courses available at Temple enhance students' ability to succeed in their field.


Many Psychology majors choose to complete an internship and participate in various human behavior-related organizations in Philadelphia.


Department of Sociology, Social Work and Criminal Justice

The goals and objectives of MCPC are closely related to students' goals in Sociology, Social Work and Criminal Justice. Life in the city will open students' eyes to social relationships and structures that do not exist elsewhere. Because Philadelphia is a microcosm of the world, it is one of the best places to gain practical experience in these fields of study.


  • Criminal Justice majors can take major courses at Temple University and explore their future opportunities with Temple's Law School.
  • Social Work majors can participate in a social service agency that is geared toward their specific interests. Students volunteer, complete URB 310 Urban Field Experience or find an internship.
  • Cultural Anthropology students choose from Temple's nearly 100 Anthropology courses and get specific to their interests.
  • Urban Studies minors must live and learn in the city to truly understand urban issues and the urban context.

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