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Philadelphia Campus

School of Mathematics, Engineering and Business


Department of Engineering

There is a synergy with MCPC and the Department of Engineering. In the past, Engineering majors were required to spend two years at MCPC. This is no longer a requirement, and instead the department created a list of Temple University course equivalencies that give students the ability to stay on track for graduation and diversify their college experience.

Students can also get involved with engineering research and projects happening throughout the city and with Temple University faculty and graduate students.


Department of Management and Business

Entrepreneurship majors are required to take courses at Temple University to fulfill major requirements.


These courses are department-approved to meet major requirements.

Other majors find great opportunity at MCPC. Get professional and practical experience through an internship at one of the hundreds of potential sites in Philadelphia. Students often find internships closely related to their career goals and earn references for a job upon graduation.


Department of Mathematical Sciences

Because Temple University offers a wide range of courses in the Mathematics Department, students enjoy getting more specific to their interests. Check out what Math courses Temple offers.

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