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Philadelphia Campus Application

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Section I - General Student Information

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* Do You intend to fulfill the core requirements for the Urban Semester Program while studying in Philly? Yes No
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Section II - Student Addresses
It is very important that the Philadelphia staff be able to contact you between the time you apply and the time you move to Philadelphia.

Please complete this address section carefully and completely, giving any interim address where you can be reached until the beginning of next semester and the dates during which you can be reached at each address.
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Section III - Student Demographic Information
*Ethnic Background: American Indian/ Alaskan Native
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*Marital Status: Divorced     
*Religious Background: Catholic
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*Were you a full time resident of Pennsylvania prior to enrollment at your college? Yes No
Section IV - Application Questions
*List campus organizations in which you have been active
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*List any special requirements (dietary, medical, access, etc..)


At Messiah College Philadelphia Campus (MCPC) we see ourselves as a Learning Community that is truly unique. Your education will not simply take place within the four walls of the classroom, but involve learning experiences that extend out into a major university, the surrounding neighborhood, and even the larger city itself. Through active engagement with people in North Central Philadelphia and at Temple University, the city becomes your text and context for learning, living, and service. With this in mind, please respond to the following questions:
*1) Have you been involved in other learning communities like MC-PC? If so, what was the experience like? If not, what are you hoping to receive from your participation in this learning community?
*2) At MCPC we are committed to having our classroom discussion, readings, assignments and lectures tied to community involvement and the surrounding community setting. How do you plan to participate in this type of experiential education and what do you hope to learn from it?
*3) Reflect and write some of your thoughts regarding your attitude toward the city. How do you currently define/describe urban culture?
*4) What are some of the educational goals you hope to achieve in your time at MCPC? What kinds of activities do you think would help your pursue these goals?


Please Read The Following Statement Carefully Before Signing

My signature below indicates that I understand that while attending the Philadelphia Campus, I will remain a student of Messiah College and will receive a Messiah College degree. I must meet all the General Education, graduation and major requirements for Messiah College. I understand that I will still be subject to the academic policies and Community Covenant standards of Messiah College.

I further understand that I must live as a boarding student at the Philadelphia Campus (meal plan participation), that I must carry a full-time credit load (12 credits), that participation in activities that allow me to maintian compliance with the college-wide chapel policy is required, and that I must take at least one 3-credit course offered on site at the Philadelphia Campus each semester of my enrollment, whether or not it meets any other requirements. Any exceptions to these policies must be obtained in writing prior to the semester in question.

I understand that acceptance at Messiah's Philadelphia Campus depends upon my academic, disciplinary, and chapel attendance records. I authorize the custodians of those records at Messiah College to release that information to the Director of the Philadelphia Campus for the purpose of determining my eligibility for acceptance.


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Please print this page before pressing the "Send Application" button so that you will have a copy of what was submitted for your records.

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