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Philadelphia Campus

Faculty Advisors


Many MCPC students credit their advisors for opening their eyes to the possibilities in Philadelphia. MCPC thanks you for recognizing the value of our academic and community programs - we hope to make the advising process easy.


Detailed advising information is included under the Philadelphia Campus tab in the Advising Handbook, both online and in the notebook distributed annually.


Advising Basics

Step One

Inform and encourage students to attend MCPC. All first year students should consider spending at least one semester in Philadelphia and work with their advisors to determine the ideal semester of study. Students should apply online at least one semester before planning to attend.


If you do not have the words to describe the MCPC experience, you can say something like this:


"At the Philadelphia Campus you can meet your major and general education requirements among the most diverse student population in the nation at Temple University. Messiah College thinks it is really important for you to get urban experience; that is why we have committed to this campus for 40 years.   This is your chance to experience city life, a major public university and the Messiah community at the same time. There are so many internship and volunteer opportunities. And it will probably be one of your most fun semesters because there's always something to do in the city."


Step Two

Approve students' applications to MCPC. Advisors receive an email from the MCPC Enrollment Office notifying them when an advisee applies to MCPC. Simply respond to the email stating whether or not you recommend the student. If the student's GPA is below 2.25, a GPA waiver form will be included with the email and you will be asked to provide information about the student's potential.


Step Three

Advise students on course selections. The main things you need to know are:

  • All students are required to take at least one 3-credit MCPC course each semester of study at MCPC or at least a 1-credit MCPC course if they are also doing an internship. Most of the courses meet general education requirements so it is best to advise students to reserve at least one of the requirements. The Cross-Cultural course is one credit and must be taken in conjunction with another course.
  • Advisors, in cooperation with their department chair, approve Temple University courses to meet students' major and minor requirements. Search Temple "Course Descriptions" by department in their online course catalog.
  • Advisors should help students determine if they are prepared for Temple courses by looking at the listed prerequisites. If a Messiah course is an obvious match to the Temple course, students can plan to take the course. If there is any question about a prerequisite, please email Natalia Gladwin.
  • Internships are highly recommended at MCPC. Students initiate their internship experience with the Internship Center.  For internships specific to the Philadephia area, please email Judy Walterson.
  • The Registrar approves Temple courses to meet general education requirements. Preapproved courses are listed on this site and in the Transfer Course Equivalency, located in the Registrar's Channel of MCSquare.


Step Four

Approve students' course selections. Students are to copy their advisor on the email sent to Natalia Gladwin with their course selections. Temple's registration period is usually two weeks prior to Messiah's registration period.


Step Five

Provide student PIN for MCSquare registration. Students follow the normal Messiah College procedures for MCSquare registration. Students enter the CRN for EXPR 012 Philadelphia Campus and enter the number of credits they plan to take at Temple University. Students also register for their MCPC course.

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