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You are making the first step toward what many students consider the best semester of their college career. You may be excited, nervous, convinced, unsure or any combination of thoughts and emotions. Completing this application can help determine how right the Philadelphia Campus is for you. Apply now.


Course Requirements


An MCPC student must take at least 3 credit hours of MCPC classes.  If a student is taking an internship, then the student is required to take at least 1 credit hour of MCPC classes.



Admissions Criteria


General Acceptance Criteria:


Undergraduate Status: Full-time undergraduate Messiah College student


Commitment to Community Life and Engagement: Demonstrate a commitment to engaging in and contributing to MCPC community life (on-campus and in the City).


GPA: Students who do not meet the minimum 2.25 GPA must complete before the application deadline a GPA Waiver Form and receive approval/recommendation from their advisor.


Disciplinary Record: Students on disciplinary and/or chapel probation must receive approval/recommendation from the Offices of Residence Life, Community Development, and/or College Ministries to be considered for acceptance. Approval/recommendation does not guarantee admittance into the program.


On-time Application: An application deadline will be set each semester approximately four weeks prior to the beginning of Temple’s registration period. Students who apply after the application deadline or do not submit course registration materials on time will be placed on a waiting list.



Admissions Process for current Messiah College students

  1. Meet with your advisor to discuss plans to attend MCPC and determine course options.
  2. Complete the online application.
  3. Participate in an interview with MCPC administration.
  4. Students will be accepted through a deliberation process in which the criteria above will be considered.

Apply to Messiah!


Application Deadlines

The application deadline is usually mid September for the spring semester and mid February for the fall semester.


Spring 2014 Deadline:


September 27, 2013

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