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Community Service Opportunities


Community Service OpportunitiesOver the past 40 years, we have developed many relationships and connections with community partners in Philadelphia through service, internships and church involvement. As a result, many of these community partners are interested in having Messiah students serve at their particular site. If you have an interest in getting involved, use the list below to learn more about your opportunities. Maybe there is something new you would like to try, or perhaps you have a specific interest that coordinates with your major. Either way, there are numerous possibilities.


16th and Berks Recreation Center
Saturday programs for kids such as dance, art, or sports.
Contact: Dennis Jenkins (215) 685-2708


Adventures in Missions
A short-term organization committed to long term presence and impact on the Kensington neighborhood of Philadelphia. Help with after school program, sort and distribute clothing donations, develop ministry events, or construction jobs.
Contact: Elizabeth Westfall (215) 634-8598 or (215) 681-5630
Location: Corner of Coral and Cumberland St.


Advocate Community Development Corporation
Contact: Joanne Jackson (215) 765-3650
Location: 1808 W. Diamond St.


African American Chamber of Commerce
The African-American Chamber of Commerce of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware, (AACC) is the leading private sector advocate for black-owned businesses in the Delaware Valley.   The AACC is comprised of members that have an interest in the establishment and growth of black-owned businesses in the Delaware valley, with a goal of ensuring the overall improvement of economic conditions within the regional African-American community.
Contact: (215) 496-1211 or (215) 925-8555
Location: 1735 Market St.


Alpha Pregnancy Services
Contact: Prudence Humber (215) 735-6028
Location: 1601 Lombard St.


American Cancer Society
Transport cancer patients to and from treatment facilities.
Contact: (215) 985-5400


American Friends Service Committee
Quaker based social and peace non-profit.
Contact: (215) 241-7208
Location: 1515 Cherry St.


Asian Arts Initiative/Mural arts after school program
Free after school classes for youth 10-14 years. Drawing, Painting, Color Mixing,
Landscape, Abstract Art, Art Vocabulary; Mural History, Mural Technique, Bookmaking, Conflict Resolution; Leadership skills.
Contact: (215) 557-0455
Location: 1315 Cherry St. Second Floor


Ayuda Community Center
Contact: Kate Perez (215) 236-0304
Location: 4400 N. Marshall St.


Bethany Child Care Center
Contact: (215) 684-3961
Location: 1901 W. Diamond St.


Bible Centered Ministries
Proclaiming the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. Laying a foundation of biblical truth in the lives of people around the world.
Contact: Dr. Thomas Koch, President (610) 352-5561
Location: 237 Fairfield Ave.


Big Brothers/Big Sisters of America
Contact: (215) 790-9200
Location: 230 N. 13th St.


African American Black United Fund
Contact: (215) 236-2100
Location: 2227 N. Broad St.


Buildabridge International
Contact: Nathan Corbitt (215) 842-0428
Location: 205 W. Tulpehocken St.


Casa Del Carmen Family Center
Contact: (215) 329-5660
Location: 4400 N. Reese St.


Center for Literacy
To provide a range of literacy services, including reading, writing, math, life and work skills, to help a diverse population of learners meet their needs and achieve their personal and employment-related goals.
Contact: (215) 474-1235
Location: 636 S. 48th St.


Children's Choice
To provide foster, adoption and kinship services to families and children.
Contact: Nancy Kelleher (215) 471-6793
Location: 1529 Chestnut St.


Children's Service Inc.
CSI is among the oldest African-American child welfare agencies in the country celebrating more than a century of service. The services offered are culturally sensitive to children, youth and families.
Contact: Lisa Yancy (215)546-3503 x137
Location: 1315 Walnut St. #3


Chinatown Learning Center/Mural after-school Program
Free after school classes for youth 10-14 years. Drawing, Painting, Color Mixing, Landscape, Abstract Art, Art Vocabulary; Mural History, Mural Technique,
Bookmaking, Conflict Resolution; Leadership skills.
Contact: (215) 922-4227
Location: 1034 Spring St.


Christ Mission Inc.
Contact: Reverand Dawson (215) 236-8070
Location: 2026 Ridge Ave.


Circle Thrift Store
Primary volunteering tasks include sorting, tagging, and hanging clothes and a variety of other items. We also need help setting up displays, organizing inventory, and running the cash register.
Contact: Martha Grace (215) 423-5060
Location: 2007 Frankford Ave.


Community Advocacy Association for Children and Youth
Contact: Gary L. Hall (215) 769-8480
Location: 2313 W. Oxford St.


Crossroads Community Center
Provide services to the surrounding Fairhill community using a faith based initiative.
Contact: Mark Mumbauer (215) 223-7897
Location: 2916-18 N. 6th St.


Duckery School
Classroom aids, library work, tutoring.
Contact: Principal David Baugh (215) 684-5066 or go to the school directly
Location: 16th and Diamond St.


Esperanza Health Center
Some community outreach with Esperanza staff as well as other administrative tasks.
Contact: Susan Post (215) 807-8604
Location: 1331 E. Wyoming Ave.


Fairhill Elementary School
After-school program.
Contact: Angel Rodriguez (215) 718-4261
Location: 6th and Somerset St.


Fairmount Park
Conduct park clean-ups, Remove graffiti, Maintain equestrian and bike trails, Repair park structures such as guardhouses and fountains, Repair park furniture, Plant trees and flowers
Plant and maintain outdoor gardens.
Contact: (215) 683-0217 or


Faith Community Development Corp.
Contact: (215) 848-5658
Location: 108 E. Price St.


Franciscan Volunteer Ministry
Contact: (215) 427-3070
Location: 2441 Kensington Ave.


Free Library of Philadelphia
Volunteers help with reading, Book sales, maintenance of the library and help with a variety of special events.
Contact: Sharon Butler (215) 686-5340
Location: 1909 Vine St.


Free Library of Philadelphia, Ramonita De Rodriguez Branch
LEAP-- after school program provides homework assistance, computer literacy, library skills, and enrichment programs for school age children and teens in grades 1 through 12.
In addition to the homework & computer help, LEAP provides a planned weekly cultural or educational activity and weekly computer or other technology activity.
Contact: (215) 686-1768
Location: 6th and Girard Ave.


Greater PA Asian Social Services
To maximize the capacities of the entire community with emphasis on assisting Asian Americans to be successful in their environment while creating bridges with other communities.
Contact: (215) 456-1662
Location: 4943 N. 5th St.


Greater Philadelphia Cares
Continual projects in Philly and community service projects. Helpful for general service opportunities.
Contact: or (215) 564-4544


Greater Philadelphia Food Bank
Volunteers needed as repack assistant, computer consultant/designer, driver's helper, gardener/groundskeeper, fundraising/special events.
Contact: Stacey Woodland (215) 739-7394 x118
Location: 302 W. Berks St.


Greiser Veterans Home
A group home that provides food and shelter for veterans or those in need.
Contact: Joanne Drinkard (215) 222-4379
Location: 3209 Baring St.


HOPE was founded to offer spiritual, emotional and physical support for those with HIV disease, their families and loved ones and to train and equip churches and groups to minister to them.
Contact: Rev. Ken Larter (215) 735-4673
Location: 1701 Delancey Pl.


Hospitality House
Contact: John Skodinski (215) 427-2395
Location: 2130-34 N. Hancock St.


Hunting Park Christian Academy
Tutoring children or performing building maintenance work.
Contact: Tanya Figueiredo or Elizabeth Bargas (215) 324-1050
Location: 4400 N. 6th St.


Iglesia Del Barrio
Helping with literacy programs, tutoring, and more.
Contact: Pastor Ruben Ortiz (215) 634-6000 or (215) 783-3575
Location: 240 Cambria St.


Inner-City Missions
We are looking for college students, adults, and seniors who are willing to volunteers for 2 hours a week to help underprivileged children with their homework and areas that they are having difficulty in, mainly reading. The tutoring program runs from 3 to 5 in the afternoon Monday through Thursday from September 19th to the end of the school year.
Contact: Carly Ward (215) 634-6635  
Location: 2439 Kensington Ave.


Inner-City School in Philadelphia
Volunteer if you are interested in inner-city education or just love kids.
Contact: Michael Roth (215) 370-8029 or


Kensington Welfare Rights
The Kensington Welfare Rights Union (KWRU) is a multiracial organization of, by and for poor and homeless people. We believe that we have a right to thrive - not just barely survive. KWRU is dedicated to organizing of welfare recipients, the homeless, the working poor and all people concerned with economic justice.
Contact: (215) 203-1805 or (215) 203-1945
Location: 2825 N. 5th St.


L&I Community Clean and Seal Program
The Community Clean and Seal Program assists volunteers with clean and/or sealing vacant houses and lots in their communities. All of the necessary supplies required for a clean-up, such as shovels, rakes, brooms, weed whackers, trash bags, training and supervision are provided by L&I.
Contact: (215)685-6881


To provide the highest quality of educational opportunities that will empower members of the Hispanic community to maximize their personal and educational potential.
Contact: Marci Garrott (215) 423-4711
Location: 119 E. Lehigh Ave.


Lutheran Settlement House
We empower individuals, families and communities to achieve and maintain self sufficiency through and integrated program of social, educational and advocacy services.
Contact: (215) 426-8610
Location: 1340 Frankford Ave.


Mary Mother of Captives Support Group
A support group for those with a loved on in prison, on trial or about to be sentenced to prison. MMOC has established a pen pal program for those in prison.
Contact: Jack or Sophie Weber (215) 698-7656
Location: P.O. Box 52416


Montgomery Townhouses
After-school program, tutoring, and playing with elementary aged kids within an African-American community. Monday-Thursday 3-5pm.
Contact: Ms. Hattie (215) 236-0738
Location: 1836 N. 20th St.


Norris Square Neighborhood Project
After-school program, tutoring, and playing with children and youth ages 6-18 within a Latino community.  Monday-Friday 3-6pm.
Contact: (215) 634-2227


Nueva Esperanza
We believe in our community's ability to create economic, cultural and spiritual institutions that transform neighborhoods and improve lives.
Contact: Susan Hedden (215) 324-0746
Location: 4261 N. 5th St.


One Day at a Time
Soup kitchen -- Human Services Organizations, Humane Societies, Social Service Organizations, Drug Abuse & Addiction Information & Referral Service, Alcohol Abuse & Addiction Treatment.
Contact: (215) 545-0718 or (215) 545-6868
Location: 425 S. Broad St.


Philadelphia Access Center
Matching clients with the appropriate service provider, so that the body of Christ, acting as conduit of God's love, can effectively provide help and healing to individuals, families and the community.
Contact: Jim Laverty (215) 389-1985
Location: 1832 S. 11th St.


Philadelphia Acorn
Contact: or (215) 765-0042
Location: 846 N. Broad St.


Philadelphia Area Ministries
PAM is an urban ministry of BCM Int. It is an interdenominational, evangelical, bible teaching and training ministry that currently serves 40 countries.
Contact: Rev. Edward Carwheel  (215) 438-6807
Location: 5824 N. Lambert St.


Philadelphia Black Women's Health Project
Organization that deals with health issues that directly affect black women in the community.
Contact: Evonne Kwankwo (215) 232-1115
Location: 1231 N. Broad St., Ste #3G


Philadelphia Committee to End Homelessness
If you have a spare morning or afternoon on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, you could be a BIG help to a very small staff. One of us always needs more hands and minds to aid with client mail, phones, data entry, holiday card sales, and whatever else is on the table. In the past volunteers have come up with bright ideas for new projects. The Day Center at PCEH provides showers and clothing to homeless men five days a week. Toiletries and clothing drives done by schools, businesses, church groups, and individual efforts help us provide basic needs for our Day Center clients.
Contact: (215) 232-2300
Location: 802 N. Broad St.


Philadelphia Department of Recreation
The Philadelphia Department of Recreation is a public agency dedicated to providing recreational opportunities to city residents. Volunteers are always needed for clean-ups in both parks and recreation centers. To find out more about park clean-ups in your area call 215-696-3682. If you are interested in cleaning up a recreation center please call 215-683-3625. The supplies for these clean-ups are available through the Maintenance Division. Please call 215-583-3622 to obtain these supplies.
Contact:  (215) 696-3682 or (215) 683-3625 or (215) 583-3622


Philadelphia Horticultural Society/Project Green
Philadelphia Green is the community outreach program sponsored by the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society. Philadelphia Green provides materials, technical assistance and educational programs in support of organized neighborhood groups that are involved in community greening efforts.
Contact: (215) 988-8800


Philadelphia Fight
Contact: Alex Shrieff (215) 985-4448
Location: 1233 Locust St.


Philadelphia More Beautiful Committee
The Philadelphia More Beautiful Committee (PMBC), a part of the Streets Department's Sanitation Division, began 53 years ago as a ``Clean-Up, Paint-Up, Fix-Up" initiative. Over the years, this initiative has evolved into an urban environmental partnership between city government and 6,500 Block Captains and their organized blocks. PMBC has become the most workable approach to combating neighborhood grime with organized block cleanings and beautification efforts, and has grown to be one of the largest volunteer organizations of its kind in the country. Your Clean Block Officer will assist you and your neighbors with selecting a Block Captain, and organizing your block for clean-ups and beautification efforts.
Contact: or (215) 685-3981
Location: City of Philadelphia Department of Streets 7th Floor, Municipal Services Building


Philadelphia Senior Center
Contact: Mike Gallagher (215) 925-0965
Location: 801 Locust St.


Philadelphia Unemployment Project
Contact: (215) 557-0822
Location: 1201 Chestnut St. #702


Project H.O.M.E. (Housing, Opportunities for Employment, Medical Care, Education)
Project H.O.M.E empowers people to break the cycle of homelessness, address the structural causes of poverty, and attain their fullest potential as members of society.
Contact: Amanda Aronoff (215) 232-7272 x3044
Location: 1515 Fairmount Ave.


Project Shine
Working with the elderly


Ray of Hope Project
Neighborhood clean-up, thrift store/donation center, home improvement for low-income families, employment for ex-convicts.
Contact: Raymond Gant (215) 964-7627
Location: 1354 Ruan St.


R.W. Brown Community Center
After school and Saturday connections with the kids. Tutoring, homework help, playing.
Location: 8th and Cecil B. Moore


Salvation Army Red Shield Shelter
Contact: Captain Shaefer (215) 787-2800
Location: 701 N. Broad St.


Salvation Army of Greater Philadelphia
The Salvation Army was founded 138 years ago as a religious and social services organization. Since that time, the organization has taken a holistic approach to working with people, addressing their physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual needs. The Salvation Army provides community supportive services, residential shelters, foster care, developmental disabilities programs, correctional services programs, child development centers, after-school care and Corps Community Centers.
Contact: Diane Alexander (Volunteer Coordinator) (215) 787-2800
Location: 701 N. Broad St.


SILOAM offers a safe, caring, hope-filled environment that welcomes men, women and children of all races, creeds and orientations, who are infected with or affected by HIV/AIDS.
Contact: (215) 765-6633
Location: 1133 Spring Garden St.


Sunday Breakfast Rescue Mission
The SBRM seeks, through God's empowerment, to meet the physical, spiritual and emotional needs of the homeless and underemployed people of Phila. through structured counseling, programs, encouragement and referral.
Contact: (215) 922-6400
Location: 302 N. 13th St.


Timothy Academy
After school program and other miscellaneous jobs.
Contact: Ms. Freedman (215) 275-8123


United Methodist Neighborhood Services
A National Mission Institution. Purpose is to provide serve to the poor and marginalized inner-city people of Philadelphia, especially women, children, and youth. Help with clerical work, answering phones, or assisting clients with emergency food and clothing.
Contact: Mary White (215) 236-0304


United Minorities Achieving Dreams (UMAD)
Free, ongoing program for youth ages 14-18. UMAD is a teen leadership group that meets every Wednesday night at Congreso from 6pm-8pm. Group is led by two Congreso
staff but is maintained and run by the youth themselves. The youth participate in various activities of their choice such as community service activities, leadership conferences,
and educational/motivational speakers.
Contact: Cheryl Blue (215) 763-8870 x1419
Location: 216 W. Somerset St.


United Way
We focus on providing essential health and human services to children, youth, and adults, and supporting safe and thriving communities and neighborhoods. Our goal is that everyone in our region can reach his or her full potential. United Way dollars and programs touch one in four individuals in our region.
Contact: (215) 665-2474


Urban Family Council
We advocate for the sanctity of human life by educating people about the development of preborn children and realities of abortion.
Contact: (215) 663-9494
Location: P.O. Box 11415


Village of Arts and Humanities
The Village's primary programs are in park building, education, performance and exhibition and renovation. The Village offers a wide range of after-school and summer arts classes for youth, including modern, jazz, African and Caribbean dance; theater; painting and drawing; ceramics and photography; African-American history and world culture and an after-school tutorial program. At community festivals and at conferences, as well as at The University of the Arts and The Drake Theatre, youth in the programs display their talents.
Contact: (215) 225-3949
Location: 2544 Germantown Ave.


Volunteers of America
Contact: (215) 226-6400
Location: 2601 N. Broad St.


William Penn High School
Working in the classroom with teachers, tutoring.
Contact: Joseph Beech


Wissahickon Restoration Volunteers
WRV coordinates a community-based ecosystem management program that relies on volunteers to implement the hands-on restoration activities. WRV routinely engages in the control and removal of invasive species, native plant conservation, reforestation, trail maintenance, preservation of wildlife habitat, and trash removal to protect the natural character of the valley. Both individuals and groups are welcome to become involved. Interested individuals can stay informed about upcoming opportunties by checking our website or joining our email notification list. Group leaders are invited to contact us at to schedule a specific workday.
Contact: Nancy Khan (215) 951-0330 x101
Location: 3721 Midvale Ave.


Women Against Abuse
Location: 100 S. Broad St.


Women's Christian Alliance
WCA provides services that are family centered, child forcused, culturally sensitive and community based.
Contact: Brenda Barnett (215) 236-9911
Location: 1722 Cecil B. Moore Ave.


Youth-Net Programs by the School District of Philadelphia
Contact: Efrain Cotto, Jr. (215) 400-6029
Location: 440 N. Broad St. Suite 102


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