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Life at MCPC is meant to look different from the typical college setting. Where else can you live in such an intimate setting with your peers, benefit from all of the resources found at Temple University, have access to the many entertainment opportunities found in Center City after just one short subway ride, be only minutes away from the largest urban park system in the nation, learn about the specific challenges of urban America, and still have quality relationships with your fellow Messiah College students? It only happens at MCPC. All of these elements contribute to the community life of our program, because they are experiences we share together.


Though the idea of "community" is emphasized quite often at Messiah College, it is an element of our program in Philadelphia that students tend to value the most. You will find that we strive to create an environment where community is natural and enjoyable, and where it becomes more than a buzzword. The practical implications of community can be realized here. It is wonderful to hear former students reflect on their MCPC experience because they share that it played a significant role in their ability to explore the city, face the challenges of the urban context, adapt to the nuances of Temple's campus and still return to a place of familiarity and support..

The Director of Community Life and a team of Resident Assistants (RAs) are your MCPC Community Life representatives. RAs are intentional and committed student leaders who oversee the residences and facilitate a wide array of co-curricular events and educational programs that coordinate with our Guided Discovery Program.

Phliadelphia Campus


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