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Student safety is a top priority at MCPC. By taking a proactive and common sense approach to student safety, MCPC has achieved an excellent track record over the forty years since its inception. Many MCPC staff and faculty live on-campus with the students and call the neighborhood "home." We feel confident that with the proper education and precautions, students will be safe in their surroundings.


Concern for safety is only natural, especially when moving into a new and unfamiliar setting. Urban life in particular may seem foreboding, especially for those who perceive that crime is the predominant story of the city. Because we each must take precautions to be safe no matter where we are or live, the best questions to ask are: What steps has the College taken toward ensuring student safety at MCPC? And What steps can I take to ensure I will be as safe as possible in my new environment?


Campus Safety and Security
MCPC is extremely well-lit at night. "The sun never sets at Temple" aptly describes the lighting on North Broad Street in front of MCPC. Temple University security and police officers patrol sidewalks on and around campus 24 hours a day. In addition, Temple University has multiple security cameras, guard booths and emergency call stations installed throughout its campus and on neighboring streets. Temple also provides shuttle buses for transporting students around campus from dusk to dawn. Visit Temple's Safety Services for a complete look at the services Temple provides to MCPC students.


The Director of Community Life, Assistant Resident Director, Facilities Manager and Program Director all reside on campus and are easily accessible. Protocols are in place so that Campus and College Administration can be notified quickly in the event of an emergency. Emergency contact information for every student is collected at the beginning of each term so that College personnel can be in direct contact with parents or guardians should the need arise. Students will also be asked to register their cell phone numbers with the College's new Emergency Alert System, which will enable administration to immediately inform students of an unsafe situation via a mass text message.


MCPC facilities are equipped with monitored fire and burglar alarms. Fire drills are conducted regularly throughout each semester. Each floor has multiple fire escape routes. Accessible windows and doors on campus are equipped with intrusion protection (bars or alarmed screens). Nightly rounds are made by the on-call Resident Assistant to be sure all doors are closed and locked.

Personal Safety
On the first day of orientation each semester, a Temple University Campus Safety officer conducts a session with our students on personal safety and street smarts, providing invaluable advice and techniques for individual safety awareness.


During the orientation weekend, students are also given basic instruction on how to safely navigate Philadelphia's public transit system. Via several guided outings and group activities, students are introduced to the subway and begin to become familiar with their new neighborhood.

Safety & Security Tips

    • Always stay alert to your surroundings.
    • Always use common sense and trust your instincts.
    • Travel in pairs or groups, especially at night.
    • Travel in well-lit areas.
    • Walk with purpose and confidence; try not to look lost.
    • Carry only as much money or credit cards as you will need. Do not open your wallet on the street.
    • Do not allow phones and headphones to distract you from your surroundings.
    • Carry your bag or backpack in front of you on the train/subway.

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