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Spiritual Life


Spiritual development is an integral part of our educational program and there are several ways in which it is emphasized and incorporated into our daily campus life. Whether through your Messiah College courses, our weekly Community Gathering or your general city exploration, it is our intention that you will view all of your learning and experiences through a Christian lens. Not only will you be exposed to the specific needs and issues found in the urban environment, but you will also begin to understand the ways that Scripture and Christian tradition can address those needs.


You will learn more of what it means to be a person of Christian faith as a neighbor, a student, and a conscious citizen. The urban environment is often viewed as a place that has a great need for spiritual growth, but it is through your involvement here in Philadelphia that you will begin to see the unique ways in which faith is being lived out every day.


We also know that faith is not just an individual effort - it requires the help and support of a community. MCPC acts as a place where faith can be practiced, explored, questioned and respected. It is also through this emphasis on communal faith that we partner with local churches and congregations in order to be actively involved in worship and fellowship as residents of Philadelphia.

Spiritual Life at Messiah College


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