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Messiah College Philadelphia Campus

2026 N. Broad St.
Philadelphia, PA 19121




Faculty and Staff

Most of the staff and faculty live on or near the campus facilities. As integral members of the living-learning community found at MCPC, faculty and staff engage scholar-learners in relationships marked by accountability and reciprocity.


Faculty and staff recognize the uniqueness of individual experience and just as they seek to use their experiences to supplement classroom and life learning, they also appreciate the ways in which the experiences and insights of scholar-learners instruct them.




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Ryan Gladwin

Program Director

Assistant Professor of Theology and Ethics


Krystalyn Davis Interim Director of Community Life 7501

Natalia Gladwin

Interim Enrollment Coordinator


Judy Walterson Administrative and Contextual Learning Coordinator 7574
Thomas Hines Maintenance and Custodial Coordinator 7506



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