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May Term CLA Description


MCPC hosts a cross-cultural course each May-term. Former or current MCPC semester students are hired to guide the May-term students in their discovery of Philadelphia. Consider how you can inspire your peers and use your skills as the May Term Community Life Assistant (M-CLA).





A Messiah College Philadelphia Campus May Term Community Life Assistant (M-CLA) serves as a paraprofessional member of the Program Team at Messiah College - Philadelphia Campus and reports to the Director of Community Life. M-CLAs advance the College Wide Educational Objectives through the May Term course and its related activities, nurtures individuals and their relationships through Community Life, and assists program management through Campus Oversight. While assuming their responsibilities and duties, M-CLAs are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that reflects positively upon the College and residential communities. Given the high standards for this position, it is essential that the M-CLA possess a genuine concern for others, inspires respect, sets a good example in attitude and general role modeling, and communicates well with others.


In advancing the CWEO's, nurturing individuals and relationships, and overseeing campus facilities the M-CLA will:

  1. Actively pursue spiritual maturity and formation in Christian faith through personal spiritual disciplines, corporate worship with a local church, and accountability to other believers.
  2. Share experience and struggles of personal discipleship while engaging students in the discussion, pursuit, and struggle of their own discipleship.
  3. Develop and nurture healthy relationships with and among residents through 1-on-1 personal interactions, social programming, conflict mediation, and reconciliation.
  4. Encourage and support individuals through mentoring, advising, and peer counseling involving other M-CLAs, Director of Community Life, or other off-campus resource persons when appropriate.
  5. Plan, implement and lead activities in conjunction with the May Term course throughout the duration of the program. This includes active and passive programming efforts.
  6. Maintain the integrity of the community by supporting the Community Covenant and collaborating with the Director of Community Life in resolving student conduct issues via counseling and disciplinary interventions.
  7. Serve in an administrative capacity by assisting the May Term course instructor(s) with various course-related needs.
  8. Assist the Director of Community Life with residential and facilities functions including: move-in and check-out protocols, incident reports, maintenance requests, etc.
  9. Provide on-duty staff coverage each weeknight and weekend to meet routine needs of students in residence as well as to provide emergency response. During the week duty hours begin at 4:00pm and continue until 8:00am the following day. Weekend duty requires remaining on or near campus the entire weekend.
  10. Attend all preparation and planning events, team meetings, and supervisory meetings including a May Term Training Day and a Weekly M-CLA Team meeting.



  • Current Enrollment at Messiah College (graduates are not permitted to apply)
  • Minimum cumulative Grade Point Average of 2.5
  • No current disciplinary, chapel, or academic probation/sanctions



  • Maturity of faith, character, and intellect
  • Desire and ability to function in a collaborative team
  • Personal stability and psychological-emotional health
    Compassion and empathy
  • Flexibility and creativity
  • Leadership and management
  • Commitment to the Mission and Values of Messiah College - Philadelphia Campus



Be physically present for all May Term related activities and events, including nights and weekends
Early arrival for training sessions and delayed departure for checkout purposes.

Conduct self and execute duties with maturity and excellence commensurate with paraprofessional staff status



Compensation is in the form of free room and board and a stipend totaling $450/semester.

M-CLAs receive priority in housing assignments to facilitate optimal access to residents.



Questions should be directed to:


Krystalyn Davis

Director of Community Life

x 7501


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