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Applied Students


Congratulations! You made a wise choice and now you are ready to get serious about attending MCPC.


Your application was received by the MCPC Recruitment Coordinator and is being reviewed. Most students are accepted into the program so do not feel anxious. You will be in close contact with the MCPC Recruitment Coordinator until the time you arrive on-campus in Philadelphia.


What's next?

Interview/Information Session

These are held either individually with the MCPC Recruitment Coordinator or in small groups with other MCPC applicants. The MCPC Recruitment Coordinator will provide detailed information about your semester at MCPC and answer your specific questions.



This How to Prepare for Registration worksheet will give you the basics needed to begin searching for relevant courses. You will receive a Registration Packet with instructions for your specific semester, but here is basically how it works:

  1. Determine your ideal course schedule when Temple posts the online schedule, usually early October and early March. Meet with your advisor to get your chosen courses approved.
  2. Determine the MCPC course(s) you want to take.

    Please Note:  The curriculm requirements for MCPC are that a student must take at least 3 credit hours of MCPC classes.  If a student is taking an internship, then the student is required to take at least 1 credit hour of MCPC classes.

  3. Write all courses you want to take at Temple and MCPC and email them to Natalia Gladwin and to you advisor
  4. The Enrollement Coordinator will register you for Temple courses according to the number of credits you have completed. You will receive an email confirming your Temple roster when it is complete.
  5. Register yourself in MCSquare on your first eligible day. Register for EXPR 012 Philadelphia Campus and enter the number of credits you plan to take at Temple University. Also register for at least 3-credits of MCPC courses.



A Housing Request Form is included in the Registration Packet. The Director of Community Life will review your request and determine your housing assignment. Assignments will be distributed at the Pre-Orientation meeting. Detailed information about the MCPC residences is available here.


Work Study

MCPC offers several work study positions. Applications will be sent out in the summer (for fall semester positions) and in December (for spring semester positions) and interviews will take place during Orientation Weekend.  You will not know if you have a work study position until then.  Please keep in mind that work study positions at the Philadelphia Campus are limited.  There is no guarantee you will obtain the position for which you apply.


Acceptance Letters

These will be distributed via campus mail before the Messiah College registration period.


Pre-Orientation Meeting

All applicants must attend this meeting, usually held near the end of the semester prior to your semester of study. The following is discussed during this meeting:

  • Details about Orientation Weekend, the MCPC community, and semester dates
  • Meal Plan signups
  • Housing Assignments



Applied Students


Are you currently studying abroad?

Students are welcome and encouraged to study abroad in addition to studying at MCPC. If you are abroad the semester before you plan to attend MCPC, all communication will happen via email. You will not be expected to attend the mandatory pre-semester meetings.


If you have any further questions, contact the MCPC Enrollment Coordinator.

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