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Emergency Procedures



Health-related issues:


Such situations include illnesses requiring routine medical attention, more serious illnesses requiring emergency medical attention, and accident-related emergencies - falls, athletic / recreational injuries, automobile accidents, etc. Of primary concern is the physical health and emotional well-being of the person(s) involved. While communication is important, prompt treatment is more important.


For routine illnesses first call the Messiah College On-Call Nurse (717) 649-3153. Should the nurse recommend you seek a physician's treatment, utilize Temple Student Health Services (1810 Liacouras Walk, 4th Floor - 215-204-7500). Student Health Services functions much like the Engle Center does in Grantham and provides treatment for most minor illnesses.


In case of a more serious illness requiring immediate intervention, go to the Emergency Room. Do not go alone; be sure to have a friend, roommate, or RA go with you. This person can communicate with ER and MCPC staff. Choose from the ERs Hahnemann Hospital at Broad and Vine Streets, (215) 762-7000, or TU Hospital at Broad and Ontario Streets (215) 707-2000. Notify the RA on-duty and/or the Director of Community Life at (215) 684-7451.


In the event of an accident or severe illness call 911 immediately. Then call the RA on-duty and Director of Community Life.


Fire Procedure:


In the event of fire or a fire alarm, all residents should follow these safety steps:

  1. If you discover a fire or smell smoke, pull alarm and call the fire department (911).
  2. Close windows and doors. (Students in rooms with fire escapes should leave hallway doors unlocked so others can exit through the room.)
  3. Leave the building immediately.
  4. As you evacuate, alert others by shouting and banging on doors.
  5. Report to front sidewalks on Broad Street, if possible, so staff can evaluate the status of residents.
  6. Do not return to buildings until the alarm stops and staff give the signal to re-enter.
  7. EVERYONE MUST LEAVE THE BUILDING. Anyone who fails to respond to a fire alarm will be assessed a $75 fine.


Maintenance Emergencies:


Maintenance emergencies are considered to be anything that could cause irreparable damage or anything that compromises security (e.g. a cracked pipe that is allowing water to run onto the floor, or an outside door that is not closing on its own etc.)


During business hours, call the Maintenance and Custodial Coordinator at ext. 7506 immediately. If there is no answer, call the Receptionist by pushing 0 on any on-campus phone.


During Non-Business Hours (weeknights and weekends) call the following people in numerical order until you reach someone:


  1. The RA on-duty
  2. The Director of Community Life
  3. The Maintenance and Custodial Coordinator

Phone numbers are posted on bulletin boards around campus and on the back of the semester phone list.


For routine maintenance requests, please email

Emergency Numbers


Fire: 911


Police: 911 or Temple Police at (215) 204-1234


Ambulance: 911 or Temple Police at (215) 204-1234
911 and Temple Police can be automatically dialed from dorm room phones and from most phones in public locations simply by lifting the receiver and pressing the specially marked button.


All non-life threatening emergencies (i.e., those not necessitating a 911 call) should be directed to the RA on-duty.


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