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Prospective Students


Here are just a few reasons why you really should come to MCPC:

Academics. Our classes deal with life issues in a new way, and they meet gen ed requirements. You can also take major courses at Temple University, a diverse public university where the class size averages 30 students. It works for all majors!

Internships. Hundreds of professionals in Philadelphia need interns. You can get specific to your interests, figure out if it's what you really want to do after graduation and earn references for your first job.

Fun. With all the shows, coffee shops, museums, restaurants, art openings, sports stadiums and campus parties (like scavenger hunts and midnight pretzels), you will not get bored. It's a great chance to meet new fun people.

Preparation. College is your chance to try new things, like living in the city. Pushing your boundaries of comfort now will make new experiences in the future easier. It will make you smarter and more aware of yourself.

Perspective. You will witness what life is like for people from many different backgrounds - racial, economic, social and religious. You will most likely volunteer at a local after school program, or conduct surveys of neighbors for a nonprofit organization, or have a homeless person ask you for money, or go to a non-English speaking church. The experience makes the world more real.

This is how to best navigate this website as a prospective student:

1. Watch the MCPC videos and read the blog and Broad Street Journal. This is the best way to understand what MCPC is really like.

2. Skim the About section.

3. Thoroughly read the Academics section. This way you will understand all of the options available to you at MCPC. And, you will most likely get excited about how the program will work for you.

4. Thoroughly read the Community section. We know community is a buzzword, but there's no better way to describe what happens among the students at MCPC.

5. Plan a visit to MCPC. You are welcome to come as a family if siblings and parents are interested in seeing the campus.

6. Contact us if you have any questions.

7. Apply when you are ready.

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