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Registration Procedures


Now that you are at MCPC, you can complete many registration changes on your own using your student access to Temple's online systems.


The MCPC Enrollment Coordinator reviews procedures with you during an Orientation Weekend session. Below are the basics.


Activate your Temple account. Using the Temple PIN and Accessnet Username documents you receive in the Orientation Packet, go to Temple's Computer Services to activate the account. This provides access to TUPortal, the key to navigating Temple's online systems.


TUPortal provides access to:

  • TUmail - Most of your Temple professors will use your new Temple email address as your main contact. You will also receive notices about waitlist courses and various happenings on Temple's campus.

  • Blackboard - Many Temple professors use this system, but not all. You will need to check with your professors at the beginning of each class.

  • Self Service Banner (SSB)- This is Temple's online registration system. Use SSB to add, drop and withdraw from courses. Also check your Temple roster and grades.


To Add/Drop Temple courses:
Always consult with your Messiah advisor before making changes.


Week One: Add/Drop classes on your own using TU Portal- Self Service Banner (SSB). No forms or signatures are necessary.


Week Two: To add a course, the professor's signature is needed on a Schedule Revision Form. Submit this form to the MCPC Enrollment Coordinator to get registered for the course. To drop a course, simply drop the course online.


  1. Go to and click on the TUPortal link.
  2. Enter AccessNet username.
  3. Enter Password. Until you create your own, the PIN provided in your Orientation Packet is your password.
  4. Click on the Self Service Banner link (on the left-hand side).
  5. Click the Add/Drop tab.
  6. Select semester.
  7. Select the correct function from options on the left-hand side.


"Add a Course":

  • Enter the CRN
  • Enter credit hours only if they vary for the particular course.
  • Click "update changes".
  • A popup box about prerequisites will appear. Look these over carefully to determine if you are prepared to take the course. If you have any questions, discuss your prerequisites with the course instructor.
  • Complete course addition by clicking the "GO" button.

"Drop One Course":

  • Select drop from dropdown box next to the course you wish to drop.
  • Click "update changes".
  • Your course will be dropped and should not appear in you roster..


**Check your roster to make sure the change you wanted appears.


**Please remember to notify the Enrollment Coordinator of every change you make to your schedule.



Special Authorization Courses:
Some courses require special authorization from the professor. This message will appear when students try to register for the course. To register, obtain a Special Authorization form from the MCPC Enrollment Coordinator, get the professor's signature and return the form to the MCPC Enrollment Coordinator.


Closed Course Approval:
If a course you want to take is closed, it is worth asking the professor for Closed Course Approval. Obtain a Closed Course Approval form (a.k.a. Green Card) from the MCPC Enrollment Coordinator, get the professor's signature and return the form to the MCPC Enrollment Coordinator.


Special Course Fees:
Students are responsible to pay any Temple course fee.


To Withdraw from a Temple course:
Students may with withdraw from classes until about mid-semester. Obtain a Registration/Schedule Revision form from the MCPC Enrollment Coordinator, complete it and return it to the MCPC Enrollment Coordinator. No signatures are necessary.


To take a course Pass/Fail:
Temple does not offer a Pass/Fail option. However, Messiah students can have a Temple course transfer back to Messiah as Pass/Fail by completing a Messiah College Pass/Fail form, available from the MCPC Enrollment Coordinator. The letter grade will appear on the Temple transcript, but will not count toward your GPA.


To Add/Drop MCPC courses:
MCPC courses can be changed during the first week of class only. Students add and drop MCPC courses using MCSquare according to Messiah College policies.


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