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Student FAQ


These questions are organized under three categories: General Information about MCPC, Academic Life, and Community Life. If you find this list does not address your specific question or you wish to have more information about a particular topic, please contact the MCPC Enrollment Office.


General Information About MCPC


What is it?
MCPC is Messiah College located in Philadelphia. Operated by Messiah College since 1968, the urban campus provides students the opportunity to experience city life, attend Temple University, develop a personal worldview, gain experience for a career and graduate school, and live in community with Christian students, staff and faculty. Click on About MCPC for more details.


How do I arrange a tour of MCPC?
Contact the Enrollment Office at (215) 769-2526 ext 7585 at least one week prior to the date on which you would like to receive a tour.


When is the next trip from Messiah's Grantham Campus to MCPC (AKA "The P-Line")?
Two P-Line trips are scheduled each semester. For up-to-date details, click here.


Where is MCPC in location to Temple University's campus?
MCPC is composed of four large townhouses located on Broad Street, directly across the street from Temple University. This integrated living-learning facility offers a variety of residential housing types for students, resident staff and faculty. These townhouses also provide office space for staff and faculty, classroom units for the courses taught on campus, a library, computer laboratory, cafeteria, lounges, laundry room and a recreation area.


Is MCPC staff employed by Temple or Messiah?
All MCPC staff and faculty are employed by Messiah College. Many live on-campus and welcome interaction with students outside the classroom or office hours.


What does it cost to attend?
Tuition costs remain the same as Messiah College students. Billing, Financial Aid and Scholarships remain the same. Work study positions are available. Housing costs differ slightly but are comparable to Messiah's Main Campus rates. Students are required to participate in a meal plan with varying costs.


Does MCPC follow the same academic calendar as Messiah's Main Campus?
No, MCPC follows Temple University's academic calendar.


Can I participate in J-term if I am attending MCPC during the spring semester?
No. J-term overlaps with the start of spring semester at MCPC.


How many semesters can a student study at MCPC?
Students can spend up to four semesters at MCPC, depending on their major and course availability.


Application and Registration


How do I apply?
Click here!


What is the application process?

  1. Student completes the online application form
  2. The application is received by the MCPC Recruitment Coordinator who reviews the applicant's academic and disciplinary history with the college
  3. Applicant's advisor is notified that the student has applied. Advisor must provide approval for applicant's attendance
  4. Applicant attends an interview/informational session about the campus arranged by the Recruitment Coordinator
  5. Applicant follows through with the registration process
  6. Applicant receives a letter regarding application status


What is the registration process?

  1. Students receive registration instructions and tips at the interview/informational session
  2. Students receive registration packets in campus mail, usually about a week before the material is due back to the MCPC Registration Assistant
  3. Students review the materials and instructions provided in the packets and create a tentative schedule with at least one or two alternative course options
  4. Students consult with their advisors about course selections and have their advisor sign the registration document(s)
  5. During the registration period for Temple University, the MCPC Enrollment Office enrolls students in Temple University courses
  6. Students receive confirmation of their Temple courses from the MCPC Enrollment Office
  7. During the registration period for Messiah College, students register themselves in MCSquare as an MCPC student and for the MCPC courses they plan to take


How do I register for the May-term Philadelphia Cross-Cultural?
Simply register for the course when you register for spring semester courses. There is no application process.


Do I receive similar benefits at Temple University as other Temple students?
MCPC students are issued Temple University ID cards, providing access to all of Temple's facilities (including student recreation centers, Tech Center, Liacouras Sports Complex, Paley Library, Tomlinson Theater, Johnson-Hardwick Cafeteria, etc.). Students can participate in Temple's student organizations and musical groups. Students are excluded from participating in varsity athletics and receiving most Temple academic awards.


If I am in Messiah's Honors Program can I participate in Temple's Honors courses?
Yes. As a Messiah Honors student you may also study in Temple University's Honors Program.


What General Education requirements can be met at MCPC?
Click here for a complete MCPC course listing. Usually, MCPC offers Urban Issues and Ethical Choices, Urban Cross Cultural, Urban Field Experience, and Eco-Urban Footprints of Post Metropolis Life. Other General Education requirements can be met with Temple University courses.


How do I know if a Temple course meets my requirements?
Students' advisors approve Temple courses to meet major or minor requirements. The Messiah College Registrar approves courses to meet general education requirements. Some general education and major courses have preapproved equivalency charts.


Am I required to take an MCPC course?
All students are required to take at least one 3-credit MCPC course. These courses are an integral component of the curricular and co-curricular educational experience.


Can I get my cross-cultural requirement waived by going to MCPC?
Students earn cross-cultural credit by completing the semester-long cross-cultural course or May-term cross-cultural course.


Can I get an internship at MCPC?
Internships are highly recommended to MCPC students. The city of Philadelphia makes it an ideal location to bolster your resume with an internship in your chosen field of interest. Contact the Internship Center with questions.


Where do I buy textbooks for my classes?
All textbooks can be purchased at Temple's Student Activities Center. It is often difficult to obtain course textbook listings before the semester begins.


Community Life


What is my MCPC mailing address?
Your name
2026 North Broad Street
Philadelphia PA 19121


What is housing like?
The townhouses that comprise MCPC were renovated to house up to 37 students. There are a variety of rooms and each one is unique. Students typically describe the housing as more apartment-style living than dormitory style. The facility as a whole is customized to foster community living.


When do I find out about housing information?
Students will learn their housing assignments at each semester's Pre-Orientation meeting.


What is the housing process?

  1. Students receive housing request forms in their registration packets (usually distributed mid-October and mid-March).
  2. The Director of Community Life reviews the requests and houses students based on their preferences.
  3. Students receive confirmed housing letters at each semester's Pre-Orientation meeting.

Students' phone numbers cannot be confirmed until their arrival on campus.


What happens during orientation?
Students arrive at MCPC three days before class begins each semester to participate in Orientation Weekend. MCPC staff and faculty help familiarize students with the MCPC campus, Temple University, the city, public transportation, and safety. Activities include a community engagement project, dinner at an ethnic restaurant, a session with a Temple police officer, and random fun events.


Am I under the Messiah College Community Covenant while I am at the campus?
Yes. MCPC believes that the Community Covenant is a redemptive guide that nurtures an optimum living and learning environment for all individuals participating in this educational experience.


Are there visitation hours? What are they?
Visitation hours are determined each semester by a collective discussion and vote by students at the initial Community Gatherings.


What are my meal plan options?
Students choose from three MCPC meal plan options. Sitting around a table together is one of the best ways to build community; it is an important component of the MCPC program. Dinner is served on the MCPC campus from Monday through Thursday. Other meals are eaten on Temple University's campus. All students are required to have a meal plan.


Is there a laundry facility at the Philadelphia Campus?
There is a laundry facility on-campus.  No quarters are needed, the cost of doing laundry is included in what students pay for each semester or term.


Will I be safe at MCPC?
Messiah College makes student safety a top priority and is particularly sensitive to safety & security issues related to the Philadelphia Campus. By taking a proactive and common sense approach to student safety, MCPC has achieved an excellent track record over the 40 years since its inception. In addition, MCPC partners with the Temple University Department of Campus Safety Services to ensure that students have access to all the safety services and resources available to a major urban university. Students generally have a sense of feeling safe on-campus.


Is there public transportation close to MCPC?
The campus is located between two major subway stops and is serviced by the city's bus transportation. Transportation is both accessible and easy to understand. During orientation, students gain practice using SEPTA, Philadelphia's transportation system.


Can I bring my car to Philadelphia? Is there parking?
Students may bring their cars to Philadelphia, but using public transportation is strongly encouraged. Students may purchase a permit for a nearby Temple parking lot or park on the streets around campus. Parking can be both frustrating and difficult in the city. Students who park their cars on the street should be aware of all restricted parking areas and should also refrain from leaving valuable items in their cars.

Another option is to participate in a car share program. Cars with Philly Car Share and Zipcar are parked on Temple's campus.


How can I keep in touch with friends back in Grantham?
Call their room extension - MCPC is networked with Grantham computer and phone systems. Send Campus Mail - it is delivered between campuses about once a week. Grantham students can visit Philadelphia on the B-Line. MCPC student activities board plans van trips from Philadelphia to Grantham.

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