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Public Transportation


Buses, subways, trolleys and regional rail lines are easily accessible from MCPC. These services are run by the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority, or SEPTA. For comprehensive information and an easy-to-use "Plan my Trip" option, go to


Subway and Bus Routes

Main Subway Routes

  • The Broad Street Subway (Orange Line) runs North and South.
  • The Market-Frankford Line (Blue Line) runs East and West. This is also known as the "EL" in places where it "elevates" above ground.
  • Closest Stations
  • Susquehanna/Dauphin, located one block north of the campus at Broad and Susquehanna Sts.
  • Cecil B. Moore, located four blocks south of the campus at Cecil B. Moore and Broad Sts.


Additional Subway Routes and Trolleys

  • The Broad Street Line/Ridge Spur is an off-shoot of the main Broad Street Line running under Ridge Avenue. Diagonal to Broad Street, this line runs to Chinatown or 8th and Market Streets.
  • The Trolley/Subway Surface (Green Line) runs to University City and West Philadelphia.


Bus Routes
The "C" bus runs north and south on Broad St.

Closest Stops

  • Northbound--corner of N. Broad and Norris
  • Southbound--corner of N. Broad and Norris
    (stand on the side of the street where traffic is headed in the direction you want to go)


Purchasing Tokens
Tokens may be purchased at the Cecil B. Moore subway stop.


For infrequent use, single tokens work well. Cash payment is an option but exact change is necessary. Day Passes and Weekly Trans Passes are available depending on travel needs.


Helpful Hints

Subway service stops at midnight each day. Taxis and buses run continuously.

Subways run underground in the same direction as traffic above ground.



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