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Pre-physical Therapy Program and Concentration

Pre-physical Therapy Program and Concentration

Pre-Physical Therapy Concentration at Messiah College


The pre-physical therapy concentration, offered as part of the applied health science major, prepares you to apply to a doctoral physical therapy program. This unique educational experience allows you to gain the basic science prerequisite knowledge needed in the physical therapy profession, as well as the applied science to understand the application of the science. In other words, you’ll take the science and physiology of biology and apply it to the human body and how it reacts to exercise, stress and disease.

In addition to taking classes in biology, chemistry, physics, athletic training and applied health science, you’ll also engage in original research with professors, attend regional/national scientific meetings, obtain placement in a variety of practical/internship experiences, and depending on your course of study, you may even be able to study abroad or participate in cross cultural experiences. We also specifically offer courses in injury assessment, applied physiology and cadaver anatomy to help you understand the field in a unique perspective.

Student Experience

Pre-health professions advising option 

Alternatively, you also have the option to major in another discipline (arts, sciences, humanities) and work with our pre-health professions advisor to complete pre-physical therapy program requirements. Please contact Martha Smith, Messiah's pre-health professions advisor, for more information on this path of study.