School of Business, Education and Social Sciences

Academic Programs


The School of the Humanities offers the following major programs:

Department of Biblical & Religious Studies

  • Biblical and Religious Studies—concentrations in Bible, Religion, Theology, and World Christianity
  • Christian Ministries—concentrations in Congregational Ministries, Cross-Cultural Ministries,and Youth Ministries

Department of Communication

  • Broadcasting - concentrations in Broadcast Production and Media Studies
  • Communication
  • Film and Media Arts
  • Journalism
  • Public Relations

Department of English

  • English—concentrations in Literature and Writing
  • English with Secondary Teaching Certification

Department of History

  • History—concentrations in American History, Classical and Medieval European History, Modern European History, Public History, and World History
  • History with Secondary Social Studies Teaching Certification

Department of Modern Languages

  • Chinese Business
  • Chinese Studies
  • French
  • French with K-12 Teaching Certification
  • German
  • German with K-12 Teaching Certification
  • Spanish
  • Spanish with K-12 Teaching Certification
  • Spanish Business

Department of Philosophy

  • Philosophy

Department of Politics & International Relations

  • Politics - concentrations in International Relations and Political Studies
  • Collaborative Masters in Public Policy and Management with Carnegie Mellon University


Departments in the school also contribute to other interdisciplinary majors on campus, including Digital Media, Ethnic and Area Studies, Peace and Conflict Studies, and Sustainability Studies.




Messiah College School of the Humanities