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Generating viable solutions to life's problems—and helping people in the process—can be very rewarding work. Our academic departments will prepare you to make a difference in today's complex world.

Take A Peak!Our Biological Sciences department paves the way to a rewarding career in the medical sciences -- as a physician, physical therapist, dentist, or veterinarian; in ecology; as a biology or environmental science teacher, a research scientist, or a health science manager. You'll "do" science by conducting research with faculty and peers in our excellent facilities or in the fields and streams surrounding campus. You could intern at a hospital or clinic or participate in field trips to the Florida Everglades, the Galapagos Islands, Zimbabwe -- the whole world is our laboratory!


The Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry provides an excellent preparation for a career in the medical sciences, chemistry, biochemistry, and for those interested in secondary chemistry education. Students in this department are exposed to many fields within chemistry including organic, inorganic and organometallic chemistry, biochemistry, environmental chemistry, physical chemistry, and analytical chemistry. You'll find many opportunities to cooperate with other students and faculty in research projects and gain a solid foundation in knowledge and laboratory skills. Our students are well-prepared to go on to graduate school or work in research, education, medicine, and industry.


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The Engineering department is in high demand, and that's because students are challenged to find solutions to real-life problems. Through The Collaboratory for Strategic Partnerships and Applied Research, you might work on projects like our award-winning solar car, Genesis; conduct research on land-mine detection technology; design and install irrigation systems in West Africa; or soar high with the Flying Club.


Shoulder MobilizationIf you are interested in health and wellness, athletic training, physical education, graduate studies in exercise physiology and physical therapy, recreation and camping services, sport management, or corporate fitness administration, the Health and Human Performance department provides opportunities to pursue careers that will make significant contributions to health and wellness. Faculty commitment to integrating Christian faith within the context of the health professions and linking learning in the classroom with firsthand experience is a hallmark of the department. Excellent on-campus facilities such as Messiah's human performance lab, the athletic training equipment and laboratory, the weight room, natatorium, gymnasium, and the Falcon Fitness Center, as well as off-campus internships settings, energize students to appreciate both the challenge of scholarship and the opportunity for service.


Study Information Science, Mathematics, and/orPhysics and you will learn the analysis and strategies to solve problems in virtually any field. Mathematics majors work together on problems and travel to local professional conferences to present their work or to West Africa to teach thinking skills to children. Students of Information Sciences choose among major concentrations in Business Information Systems, Computer Science, Software Development, and Web Management. Physics majors participate in cosmic ray detection research affiliated with NASA. Our statistics minor is an excellent addition to any major and can include internships at Hershey Medical Center or pharmaceutical companies.


As a Nutrition and Dietetics major, you will learn how to apply scientific principles, communication techniques, and management strategies to improve the nutritional status of individuals and communities. Messiah is one of the few Christian colleges to offer a dietetics curriculum that is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation for Dietetics Education (CADE) as a didactic program in dietetics. Our students participate in service learning opportunities in the community as well as hands on experiences in on campus labs. Graduates are well prepared to compete for positions in CADE accredited dietetic internships or graduate school, or to obtain jobs as public health nutrition counselors, dietetic technicians, or food service managers.


If you want to make a difference in people's lives, a career in Nursing might be for you. Nursing is the nation's largest health care profession. Graduates from our nursing department are highly respected. They achieve great success in national licensing exams, employment, admittance into graduate nursing programs and throughout their nursing careers. You'll develop life-saving skills using sophisticated medical equipment in specialized nursing laboratories on campus and through clinical experiences at local health care agencies and hospitals.


Student in LabIf you are interested in a career in medicine, Pre-Health Professions Advising program can help you get there. This program provides assistance for students considering medical school and other health-related professional schools such as veterinary, chiropractic and pharmacy school. Our on-campus advising services assist students in all aspects of their preparation and application for further study, including the three major areas considered most important by medical schools and graduate-level healthcare programs: achieving and maintaining a strong academic record; thorough test preparation for career-specific aptitude tests (such as the MCAT); and exposure to, and the opportunity to participate in, meaningful medically related experiences.


Elephant and HippopotamusIn addition, you can participate in science education programs sponsored by the Oakes Museum at Messiah College, home to a Smithsonian-quality natural history collection. Intended to enhance educational opportunities for both our students and the surrounding community, the museum features world-class quality mounts of African and North American mammals and the largest oological (egg) collection in Pennsylvania. Be a part of the Oakes Museum team by working as a volunteer and experiencing everything the museum has to offer.

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The Collaboratory for Strategic Partnerships and Applied Research is an organization that seeks to increase hope and transform lives through service in the areas of our academic disciplines. Our desire is to share the gospel of Jesus Christ in life, word and deed by partnering with others for projects that foster justice, empower the poor, reconcile adversaries, and care for the earth. Students and educators work side by side in the Collaboratory in the fields of engineering, business, and mathematical and information sciences.








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