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A Word from the Dean


Dr. W. Ray Norman

Dean of the School of Science, Engineering and Health



Welcome to our school web page! In the School of Science, Engineering and Health, we are always seeking better ways to effectively address the multiple challenges of the 21st century, to meet the ever-growing demand for programs that are scientifically and technologically advanced, and to create educational experiences that are relevant to the world in which we live. We provide academically robust programs within a learning environment that is both invigorating and supportive. Students who join our programs will discover a stimulating climate within each of our departments that supports collegiality, diversity and caring professor-student relationships.


We also take very seriously the linking of classroom learning to experiential learning outside the classroom. Many students engage in undergraduate research conducted here in our on-campus laboratories and in partnership with our own research faculty. The educational programs of our departments are further enhanced by experiential and service-learning opportunities in the Collaboratory for Strategic Partnerships and Applied Research. The Collaboratory provides students with hands-on opportunities to apply academic knowledge to real world problems, both in Pennsylvania and as far away as Africa and Latin America. Students partner with faculty and off-campus service and missions organizations to address the pressing needs of our day, while developing competencies and vocational vision for lifelong servant-leadership.


In the end, our primary goal is to produce graduates who are equipped with sound professional training, whether for immediate career paths or graduate school, and who have the ability to make vocational choices that are deeply informed by their Christian faith. Alumni from our various departments can be found throughout the United States and all over the world. They serve our students as an important resource and a strategic connection to the professional world. But they are also our “product”, reflecting our values and the strength of our programs.


I invite you to peruse these web pages, learn more about our outstanding programs, faculty and campus facilities, and seriously consider joining us in one of our exciting courses of study. For further queries or questions, please feel free to contact me.


W. Ray Norman


W. Ray Norman

Dean, School of Science, Engineering and Health





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