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The Sider Institute

Wittlinger Scholarships at Messiah College

A Scholarship Opportunity for Outstanding Messiah College Students for 2013/2014


The Wittlinger Scholarship Program is designed to provide opportunities for Messiah College students to do research in an area relating to one of the three theological traditions (Anabaptist, Pietist, and Wesleyan) that underpin the Brethren in Christ Church to which Messiah College is related.  One scholarship will be awarded in each area—Anabaptist, Pietist, and Wesleyan—for a maximum of three scholarships for the 2013/2014 academic year. 


Successful Wittlinger Scholars will register for an independent study with a full-time Messiah College faculty member.  The study will be conducted during the fall of their senior year and will result in a major research paper, minimally 25 pages, and a public presentation regarding their research.  Upon completion of the independent study and presentation of the findings, each scholar will receive a scholarship of $2,000.  This research program carries with it up to $1,000 for research expenses.


Selection Criteria


  • Current member of the junior class and senior status the following term
  • Completed at least 75 credit hours by the end of the fall term prior to applying, with a cumulative GPA of 3.7 or higher and at least 30 credits earned at Messiah College
  • Exemplary accomplishments in scholarship, especially research, critical thinking, and writing skills as certified by letters of reference
  • All requirements for graduation completed in time for commencement during the academic year in which the student receives the scholarship


Application Process


  • All eligible students are encouraged to apply.  An application consists of the following items:

    • A completed application form which can be downloaded from the Sider Institute website ( or from Shirley Groff, Administrative Assistant to the Sider Institute (
    • A résumé, not to exceed two pages, including:
      • Name, major, class standing, current address and telephone number
      • Academic projects and achievements of special merit
      • Previous academic scholarships received
      • General research interest and specific area of intended research for this particular project
    • Two recommendation forms completed by two members of the full-time faculty at Messiah College, one of which has agreed to serve as your independent study instructor if you are named as a Wittlinger Scholar.  Place your name and ID number on the recommendation forms.  Please ask the faculty members to complete the recommendation forms and return them directly to the Sider Institute, PO Box 4003.
    • A brief, two-page maximum summary of the applicant’s specific area of research


  • Applications must be submitted to the Sider Institute, Box 4033, no later than February 1, 2014.



Selection Process


  • Applications are reviewed by the Wittlinger Scholar Selection Committee
  • One scholarship will be awarded for each of the theological traditions that underpin Messiah College:  Anabaptism, Pietism, and Wesleyanism.  Should no students apply for a given area of study, those funds will not be expended.


Announcement and Recognition


  • Applicants will be notified of their selection on or about April 1.

  • Wittlinger Scholars will be recognized in the Fall Honors Convocation and at Commencement.


Questions may be addressed to Devin Manzullo-Thomas, Director of the Sider Institute for Anabaptist, Pietist, and Wesleyan Studies, at