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The Sider Institute

E. Morris Sider Publications


A Home on Paxton Street (2006)


A Living and Growing Ministry:  The Story of Roxbury Holiness Camp (2010; this book is a much larger and much different book than Holiness Unto the Lord: The Story of Roxbury Holiness Camp, 1985, cited below)


A Peace Reader (ed., with Luke Keefer Jr., 2002)


A Stewardship of Heritage:  History-Keeping in the Congregation (1989)


A Vision for Service:  A History of Upland College (1976)


Amazing Grace:  My Own Story of Rejection and Redemption (with Shadrack Maloka, 1990)


Beyond Our Dreams:  The Story of Kenbrook Bible Camp (1990)


Brethren in Christ History and Life (journal, ed. from 1978)


Called to Evangelism:  The Life and Ministry of John L. Rosenberry (1988)


Canadian Portraits:  Brethren in Christ Biographical Sketches (2001)


Celebration:  A Centennial History of the Grantham Brethren in Christ (2009)


Celebrating Women’s Stories (ed., with Rebecca Ebersole and Dorcas Steckbeck, 2002)


Faithful Witnesses:  Canadian Brethren in Christ Biographical Sketches (ed., 2006)


Fire in the Mountains (1976)


Fire in the Mountains:  The Story of a Renewal Movement in Central Pennsylvania (2010; revised edition of Fire in the Mountains, 1976)


Fruit from Woods and Sands:  The Story of Houghton Mission (1979)


Here Faith and Learning Meet:  The Story of Niagara Christian College (1982)


Holiness unto the Lord:  The Story of Roxbury Holiness Camp (1985)


Lantern in the Dawn:  Selections from the Writings of John E. Zercher (ed., with Paul Hostetler, 1980)


Leaders among Brethren:  Biographies of Henry A. Ginder and Charlie B. Byers (1987)


Lives Remembered:  Canadian Brethren in Christ Biographical Sketches (ed., 2003)


Messenger of Grace:  A Biography of C. N. Hostetter, Jr. (1982)


Messiah College:  A History (1984)


More than Names:  A Story of John and Barbara Martin (1985)


My Story, My Song:  Life Stories by Brethren in Christ Missionaries (1989)


Nine Portraits:  Brethren in Christ Biographical Sketches (1978)


Preaching the Word:  Sermons by Brethren in Christ Ministers (ed., 1984)


Reflections on a Heritage:  Defining the Brethren in Christ (ed., 1999)


The Brethren in Christ in Canada:  Two Hundred Years of Tradition and Change (1988)


Touching Hearts on Shores Worldwide:  Sixty Years of Gospel Tide Radio Ministry (2006)


We Have This Ministry:  Pastoral Theory and Practice in the Brethren in Christ Church (1991; significantly revised edition, 2006)


Windows to the Church (ed., 2003)


Within the Perfection of Christ:  Essays on Peace and the Nature of the Church (co-edited with Terry Brensinger, 1990)


In addition to producing over thirty books, Professor Sider has written numerous articles for journals such as Conrad Grebel Review, Mennonite Quarterly Review, Ontario History, and Cumberland County History.  Since 1978 he has served as editor of Brethren in Christ History and Life, a scholarly journal published three times a year.