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Question: How do I reserve space in the Larsen Student Union?
Answer: This question is answered in detail here, but briefly, you can request meeting space by sending an email to

Question: What is the policy on hanging posters in the Union?
Answer: There are bulletin boards in the Union where students may hang posters to advertise events (both on- and off-campus), items that they have for sale, or personal businesses.  Any inappropriate materials will be removed.  Posters may not be hung on painted, wooden, or glass surfaces in the Union.  Bulletin boards are the only approved location to hang posters and other advertisements.

Question: Who decides what is playing on the TV?
Answer: The main TV in the Union is set to a regular schedule (link to schedule).  The schedule attempts to appeal to a common audience while achieving diversity in programming.  The schedule will be interrupted in favor of larger televised events when warranted (World Series, Academy Awards, Olympics, etc.).  Anyone can request that the TV be changed to a specific program.  Reasonable requests will be granted.  The TV will not be on when public events are being held in the Union.

Question: Does Larsen Student Union have board games?
Answer: Board games are available for any student to use.  Students must leave their ID card when borrowing a game.  Games available include:

Outburst Uno
Pictionary Mad Gab
Monopoly "The Worst Case Scenario” Survival Game
Chess Checkers
Cranium Backgammon
Solitaire Jenga
Dominoes Scrabble
Risk Boggle

Question: How can we turn the fireplace on?
Answer: During the colder months, the fireplace can be turned by request at the information desk.

Question: What do the flags that hang in the Union represent?
Answer: The flags represent the countries from where our current students come.  They are changed once every year, in the summer.

Question: Why is it so dark in the Union in the afternoon?
Answer: There is no policy about when the lights are turned on in the Student Union.  Because of the large windows, the Union receives a lot of natural light on most days, and the lights are not turned on in the morning.  Any student or employee who feels it is too dark can turn the lights on themselves by pushing the top button on the light control switch.

Question: Is there wireless network access in the Union?
Answer: Yes. Students and employees can connect and login to the campus network in the Union via wireless technology.  Students who have problems connecting to the network should contact Student Computer Services at ext. 5091.

Question:  The sun is too bright. How do I close the blinds?
Answer: Sometimes the blinds are put up or down for events.  Sometimes they are used to allow or block sunlight as the weather dictates.  There is no policy about when the blinds are up or down. If the blinds need to be put up or down, whether for comfort or for an event, please ask at the Information Desk.




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