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Sustainability Public Policy Concentration

Sustainability Public Policy Concentration

Sustainability Public Policy Concentration at Messiah College

In the sustainability public policy concentration of the sustainability studies major, you take classes that equip you to impact environmental change. Throughout the concentration, you’re introduced to political processes, institutions and systems, and learn how you can impact each of them in the name of environmental sustainability. As a student in the sustainability public policy concentration, you are encouraged to think independently, to engage opposing points of view and to develop an abiding concern for public life in the interest of social justice.

Job options for graduates of the sustainability public policy concentration:

  • Urban developer
  • Lobbyist
  • Researcher
  • Legislative policy analyst
  • Executive agency employee (state or federal level)
  • Environmental non-profit organization employee
  • Lawyer

Sustainability Studies

The sustainable agriculture concentration is offered through the Sustainability Studies major.
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