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Green @ Messiah



Paul Nickerson

Many Messiah College students and alumni are doing wonderful professional work in the field of sustainability. Many are also making admirable personal commitments within their homes, families and churches.

Here are just a few that we found especially interesting.

Paul Nickerson '13—experimenting with aquaponics in his dorm room and successfully growing a pineapple and then moving to a much larger scale system in the College greenhouse


Bianca Basch '12—set up a vermicomposting system in the College greenhouse


Paul Gustafson '09—built a home entirely powered by the sun

Laura Meitzner Yoder '93—researching and developing sustainable agriculture practices in Thailand

Dan Webster '09—cofounder of the Grantham Community Garden

Joshua Stone '10—one of only 1,100 citizens since 1914 to receive the William T. Hornaday Silver Medal for distinguished service in conservation

Ryan Wittmer '09—practicing urban greening in economically disadvantaged city neighborhoods

Amanda McMillan '08—worked with A Rocha, a Christian nature conservation organization promoting stewardship based on Biblical principles.

Cameron Rutt '08—collecting data from bird’s nests in Borneo, Southeast Asia