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Tips and tricks

Did you know that using a hairdryer for just 15 minutes a day uses enough energy to light three modest homes for a year?


How about that using power management settings on your computer can save more than $60 a year in energy costs, or that you can reduce your energy bill by 20% just by unplugging certain appliances?  


Find these and other ideas for saving the world here!

Like Learning from pictures?  Check out these cool Infographics!
The Hidden Cost of Household Gadgets
The True Cost of Powering a Lightbulb
Power Consumption in the United States
The Quest to Power Africa

YouTube?!?!  WE TUBE!
Sustainability Explained
Energy, let's save it!
Saving Energy, a clip from Deep Green
The Story of Electronics
Vampire Energy

CUT IT OUT!  How to reduce your energy usage
Green Dorm Tips- Microsoft Hohm
6 Ways College Students Can Help Save the Environment
Energy Savers

There’s a vampire in your dorm room... everything you need to know about phantom loads
How Stuff Works: How Vampire Power Works
Things That Use Electricity Even When They're off

Probably the coolest energy savers out there: Blogs to Keep an Eye on!
Tree Hugger (so cool they have a free app on itunes)
Not Quite Hippie Dave, a green enthusiast from Denver
danielkjacobs Dan, an environmental enthusiast from the UK
Not Just 4 Hippies A column from the Swinging Bridge

Grab bag!  Other fun resources to check out.
What the Heck is a Kilowatt Hour?!?!
Energy Bill Estimator
Government Info on Energy Consumption

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