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Memo of Understanding - Ministry Resource Area Exhibitors
Messiah College Youth Workers Conference


1. The purpose of the ministry resource area is to offer conference attendees a beneficial and enjoyable opportunity to learn about services and products that will directly support youth ministry.  Overly aggressive and high pressure sales tactics are to be avoided by exhibitors.


2. All activities planned for the display [including giveaways, drawings, sales, contests, etc.] must be outlined on the exhibitor registration form and pre-approved by conference administration.  Conference administration reserves the right to ask exhibitors to cease any unapproved activities and/or to remove exhibitors from Ministry Resource Area. 


3. The Messiah College logo and/or the Youth Workers Conference logo may not be used without previous authorization by conference administration.  Please contact Randy Ness, conference coordinator at 717-796-4789.


4. The Ministry Resource area shall remain open at all times except during General Sessions.  General conference registration, hospitality breaks and lunch will be served in the same facility location as the Ministry Resource Area as a way to provide maximum traffic and exposure to exhibitors.


5. Your display booth should be staffed during registration, hospitality times and lunch.  We welcome and encourage exhibitors to attend the general sessions. 


6. Displays shall be set-up and open by the start of Conference registration at 8:00 a.m. on Saturday.  [Set-up of the displays may occur late Friday evening prior to the conference, if arrangements have been made in advance.


7. Teardown of displays shall not occur until after start of the closing session at 3:30 p.m.


8. Resource Ministry Area overseers will be on-hand throughout the day, however, Messiah College or the Youth Workers Conference will not be responsible for loss, damage or theft of any property. 


9. It is agreed that you, the exhibitor, will defend and hold harmless the College, event coordinators and sponsors from all claims and liabilities for damage to property or injury to persons occurring in or about the rented or used display space, or any failure to act, whether or not such condition, activity or failure shall result from negligence of the party renting or using the space.


10. Materials or literature may not be distributed or sold outside of your display space and must be from your organization only.  Conference administration reserves the right to inspect and approve or reject all literature and materials.


11. There are no cancellations after you are accepted as an exhibitor.  If cancellation occurs, all fees paid will be retained. 


12. THANK YOU for contributing to the success of the youth workers conference with your involvement and participation.  If for any reason you are dissatisfied with services rendered and/or your conference experience, please contact Randy Ness, conference coordinator.  We also welcome your feedback and advice for future conferences.