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2014 Student Leaders Track



Shaping Ourselves into Disciples 


Growing up in the church, Nate was given the opportunity to be guided by my youth pastor.  He helped disciple him and other peers coming through the ministry.  Taking a look at examples of discipleship in the New Testament, this seminar will center on Jesus’ ministry of shaping ordinary men to follow him.  Students will gain an understanding of what discipleship looks like, how they can be made into a disciple, and in turn, disciple others. 



Nate Birk was born and raised in Huntington Beach, California.  The youngest of three brothers, he quickly learned how to fend for himself and make his own path, separate from theirs.  Playing lacrosse in high school afforded him the opportunity to travel east with the FCA West national team.  He committed to playing at Messiah, but due to injuries, never played a season while attending college.  Currently, he is a Senior Christian Ministries major with a concentration in youth ministry and works part time as the Asylum Youth Intern at LifePoint Church in Harrisburg. 







No matter how underdeveloped, formless, or incomplete we are, no matter how much we think we have already been shaped into the wrong thing, no matter how broken we might be… God sees our potential.  He takes us at any stage, sees what we could be, and works till completion.  This is an amazing truth, but another truth is that the Potter will not force any of His pieces to be reshaped.  What’s the only stage that we can’t be in for God to shape us into the potential He sees for us?  Untouchable.   



Jess Geib is a senior Christian Ministry major at Messiah College. She feels a strong calling to missions and ministry and has enjoyed pursuing that through various opportunities the past four years!  She played on the volleyball team at Messiah for four years, and loves to be outside and active.  She comes from an awesome family in Lancaster County (unfortunately, she’s not Amish…), and enjoys time with friends and family.  She is currently the Discipleship Chaplain on the Student Chaplain team at Messiah, helping to plan chapels and other events, and heading up the small groups ministries on campus.  She loves singing, animals, youth, and she’s got to say it… Jesus!




Faithful Soil 


In our quick-fix culture, have we lost the vision of what it looks like to follow through in developing Christian character?  How can we cultivate a faith that bears good fruit and is faithful to God?  God is willing to work with us and stay with us for the long haul; let’s be people who are committed to serving Him with our whole lives. 



Michael Huerter is a senior Christian Ministries major at Messiah College. On his circuitous journey to finding himself in this major, he somehow acquired minors in Music and Theatre.  Not surprisingly, he is passionate about minister, making music, and acting, and also loves cooking, volleyball, and his family, including his year-and-a-half-old nephew, three-year-old niece, and hundred-pound German Shepherd dog.  He loves seeing others use their God-given gifts and relishes the privilege of coming alongside young people as they discern the purposed God has for them. 



Who am I? 


Who am I?  This is one of the most unnerving questions that many people avoid answering.  Once we strip away all our accomplishments and abilities, who are we in the core of our being?  In this session, we will examine our identity in the fact that we are children of God and explore what it means to be called God’s child. 



 Hannah Pratt is a senior Christian Ministries Major and Music Minor at Messiah College. She is from near Grove City, PA and loves to read, swim, and sing.  She is currently interning at the Carlisle Brethren in Christ Church and plans to attend seminary after graduating in May. 


Broken = Beautiful?! 


How can broken ever be beautiful?  When we look in the mirror and are disgusted and frustrated by all that we see inside and out.  When we look at our past mistakes and present struggles, how can we ever consider ourselves beautiful; even good.  Life has a way of throwing itself on us all at once.  When that happens, where do you find your joy, rest, and peace?  Where does your strength come from and where does your brokenness become beautiful?  Let’s discover one of the foundations of a life lived for Jesus; identity founded, established, and rooted in Jesus Christ. 



Shaun Soliday is a Business Administration Major with a Leadership concentration, who served as an RA and SRA before becoming the Messiah College Student Body Chaplain.  He loves any and every kind of sport or activity as well as Swedish Fish, gummy worms, and the Avengers (Captain America is his favorite super hero).  He was born and raised in a Christian home in Tower City, PA and saved at a young age.  High school was exciting, but challenging for Shaun as he found himself living a hypocritical lifestyle; being a Christian on the weekends, but a different guy throughout the week.  In eleventh grade, he was so convicted by the Holy Spirit to completely rededicate his life to Jesus Christ, the best decision he has ever made.  The struggle of identity is something Shaun wishes he knew in High School, making it something he is very passionate talking about. 





Heavenly Shaping


This seminar will look at our role as Christ followers to shape heaven and how that act uniquely shapes us in the process. 




 Tyler Ung is a senior Congregational ministry major and

currently the preaching chaplain at Messiah College.





    Moving from Destructive Conflict to Constructive Change


Conflict. What are your first thoughts when you hear that word? Drama? Disagreements? Destructive situations? What about a shaping experience?  Conflict is everywhere---on social media, in our homes, schools and even ministries. So, how do we deal with it? Join us as we discuss the sources of conflict, practical steps towards resolution, and take a look at Scriptural perspectives of dealing with conflict. Together, we'll discover how we can move from destructive conflicts to situations which shape, build, and transform relationships, families and ministries.


 Megan McMaster is a senior Sport Management major at Messiah College and is from New Oxford, PA. Megan has been serving with the Refuge Youth Ministry for a year and has a real passion for sharing Christ with teenagers. Megan is a country girl through and through and loves the outdoors. In her free time, you’ll find her hanging in her hammock reading a good book, playing soccer, or climbing trees. Upon graduation, Megan will be serving as an intern at Ligonier Camp and Conference Center. 

Amy Moreno has been serving as the Assistant Pastor of Bethany Evangelical Church for the past 10 years and is also the Youth Pastor of the Refuge Youth Ministry in Carlisle, PA.  Amy graduated from Messiah in 2008 with a B.A. in Youth Ministry and is currently pursuing her Masters in Youth and Young Adult Ministries also at Messiah.  Amy is married to her husband, Gus and they love hanging out with teenagers…that’s a good thing considering they have four teenage daughters of their own!