Youth & Young Adult Ministries

Messiah College's M.A. in youth and young adult ministries equips individuals to effectively lead, counsel and mentor young people ages 12-25 in a variety of congregational and parachurch settings. The 36-credit program includes biblical studies, theology, practical ministry skills, and understanding the development and contemporary culture of youth and young adults in North America.

In addition to the Masters degree, Messiah College offers a 12 credit certificate in Youth and Young Adult ministries. The certificate program allows students to take graduate-level courses to enhance knowledge, skills, and professional credibility within the field of youth and young adult ministry without having to commit the time and finances necessary to earn a full master’s degree. All of the courses in the certificate program are offered online over an eight-week period.

While we are no longer accepting new degree-seeking students, new prospective students who express interest in studying Youth and Young Adult Ministries are encouraged to pursue a certificate in Youth and Young Adult Ministries during the two years of the teach-out phase. If you are interested in pursuing the certificate in Youth and Young Adult Ministries or if you want to take courses as a non-degree student please contact

No longer accepting graduate degree-seeking students

As of May 1, 2013, Messiah College will no longer accept new Master’s degree-seeking students. Messiah College will be terminating this degree program; however, we are committed to enabling students who are already in the program the opportunity to complete all courses and projects required to earn an M.A. in Young Adult Ministries from Messiah College.  The course sequence up through the spring of 2015 is found here.