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3+ Partner Programs

3+ Partner Programs

The math is simple with Messiah University's 3+ partner programs:

 Three years towards a bachelor’s degree at Messiah University

+ additional study at a partner institution

= an undergraduate and graduate degree in an accelerated time frame

These 3+ partner programs provide motivated students with the opportunity to streamline their undergraduate and advanced degrees in a variety of programs like pharmacy and public policy.

Messiah has partnered with prestigious institutions like Carnegie Mellon University and the University of the Sciences to offer these 3+ partner programs.

3+2 master’s program in public policy and management with Carnegie Mellon University (CMU), one of the world’s top public affairs graduate schools.

  • Three years at Messiah working toward a B.A. in politics and international relations, followed by two years at CMU to receive an M.S. in public policy and management. Read more.
  • For more information about the 3+ partner program with CMU, contact Paul Rego, chair of Messiah's Department of Politics.