Artomyces pyxidatus

Scientific name:  Artomyces pyxidatus (Pers.) Julich
Derivation of name:  Pyxid- means "a small box" referring
to the boxlike (pyxidate) branch tips.
Synonyms:  Clavicorona pyxidata (Pers.) Donk; Clavaria
Common name(s):  Crown-tipped coral
Phylum:   Basidiomycota
Order:   Russulales
Family:   Auriscalpiaceae
Occurrence on wood substrate: Saprobic; solitary or
clustered on wood of deciduous trees; June through
Dimensions: Fruitbody up to 10 cm tall and wide. 
Description: White to yellowish; highly branched,
candelabra-like from a common stalk-like base; branches
culminate in crown-like tips.
Edibility: Edible; peppery taste.
Comments: One of the few coral fungi that fruit on wood.

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Figure 1. Clusters of Artomyces pyxidatus on dead wood.
Photo © John Hess.

Figure 2. Crown-tipped coral. Photo © Pam Kaminski.

Figure 3. Single coral arising from a common, stalk-like
base. Photo © David Work.

Figure 4. Highly branched specimen of Artomyces pyxidatus.
Photo © M. Beth Erikson.

Figure 5. Several clusters on a stump.
Photo © Gary Emberger.

Figure 6. Note the tiers of branches. Photo © William

Figure 7. The branches culminate in distinctive crown-like
tips. Photo © Pam Kaminski

Figure 8. Crown-like tips. Photo © George Barron.

Figure 9. Enlargement of several pyxidate tips.
Photo © Gary Emberger.


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