Spathulariopsis velutipes

Scientific name:  Spathulariopsis velutipes (Cooke &
Farl. ex Cooke) Maas Geest.
Derivation of name:  Velut- means "velvety" and pes
means "foot" or "base."
SynonymsSpathularia velutipes Cooke & Farlow 
Common name(s):  Velvet-foot fairy fan; Velvety fairy
Phylum:   Ascomycota
Order:   Rhytismatales
Family:   Cudoniaceae
Occurrence on wood substrate: Saprobic; in groups
or clusters on rotting hardwood logs or on the ground;
July to September.   
Dimensions:  Up to 7 cm tall.  
Description: The combination of the yellowish to
brownish-yellow compressed head on the velvety,
ochre to reddish-brown stalk is distinctive.        
Edibility:  Unknown.
Comments:  A dense, orange, basal mycelium typically
occurs at the base of the stalk.

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Figure 1. Typical fruiting of Spathulariopsis velutipes.
Note the flattened heads. Photo © William Roody.


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