Dasyscyphus virgineus

Scientific name:  Dasyscyphus virgineus (Batsch) Gray
Derivation of name:  Virgin- means "white" or "pure."
Common name(s):  Stalked hairy fairy cup
Phylum:   Ascomycota
Order:   Helotiales
Family:   Hyaloscyphaceae
Occurrence on wood substrate:  Saprobic; in groups or
clusters on stems, branches, cones, beechnut burs, and other
debris; spring through fall. 
Dimensions:  Small, stalked cups 1-4 mm wide; stalk up to
3 mm long and covered with white hairs.  
Sterile outer surface:  White, covered by a dense layer of
white hairs.      
Fertile inner surface:  White, smooth.
Edibility: Unknown  

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Figure 1. Clusters of Dasyscyphus virgineus on decaying
wood. Photo © John Plischke III.

Figure 2. Close-up showing smooth, white fertile
surface and white hairs of the sterile surface
forming a fringe around the rim of the cup.
Photo © John Plischke III.

Figure 3. Dasyscyphus virgineus.
Photo © George Barron.

Figure 4. Dasyscyphus virgineus. Photo © John


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