Galiella rufa

Scientific name:  Galiella rufa (Schwein.) Nannf.
and Korf
Derivation of nameGaliella is named in honor of
the French mycologist Mme. Le Gal.  Ruf- means
Synonyms:  Bulgaria rufa Schweinitz
Common name(s):  Hairy rubber cup
Phylum:   Ascomycota
Order:   Pezizales
Family:   Sarcosomataceae
Occurrence on wood substrate:  Saprobic; small
groups or clusters on branches and buried deciduous
wood; spring through summer.  
Dimensions:   Up to 3-4 cm wide and high, shallowly
cup-shaped when mature. 
Sterile outer surface:  Blackish-brown; densely hairy.
Fertile inner surface:  Reddish to reddish-brown to
orange-brown to tan; smooth.
Edibility: Not edible.
Comments: The inner flesh is thick and gelatinous, giving
the fungus a rubbery feel.

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Figure 1. A typical cluster of hairy rubber cups.
Photo © William Roody.

Figure 2. Note the "toothed" margin on the two larger
specimens and the almost closed immature specimen.
Photo © Pam Kaminski.

Figure 3. This specimen has been bisected to reveal the
gelatinous flesh. Photo © Gary Emberger.

Figure 4. Another bisected specimen showing the gelatinous
flesh, tannish fertile layer, and margin of "toothlike" appendages.
Photo © Gary Emberger.


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