Exidia recisa

Scientific name:  Exidia recisa (Ditmer) Fr.
Derivation of name:  Recis- means "cut off" or "cut back."
SynonymsTremella recisa Ditmer
Common name(s):  Amber jelly roll.
Phylum:   Basidiomycota
Order:   Tremellales
Family:   Exidiaceae
Occurrence on wood substrate:  Saprobic; in groups and
clusters on decaying deciduous wood; May through October.  
Dimensions:  Fruitbodies 1.5-3.5 cm wide and up to 2 cm
high. Fruitbodies fusing to form masses up to 10 cm or more
Description: Yellow-brown to purple-brown to cinnamon-
brown; fusion of fruitbodies gives rise to irregular, gelatinous,
brainlike or lobed masses; surface covered with tiny, blackish,
wart-like projections (use hand lens).
 This species typically has a small stalk-like base.

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Figure 1. Specimens of Exidia recisa of various sizes growing
on hardwood twigs. Photo © Cecily Franklin.

Figure 2. Appearance of  Exidia recisa on wood. Photo ©
Dianna Smith.

Figure 3. Exidia recisa. Photo © William Roody.

Figure 4. Many fruitbodies fused together to form a
larger mass. Photo © John Plischke III.


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