Tremella mesenterica

Scientific name:  Tremella mesenterica Retz.
Derivation of name:  Mesenter- means "middle intestine."
SynonymsTremella lutescens Pers.  
Common name(s):  Witch's butter.
Phylum:   Basidiomycota
Order:   Tremellales
Family:   Tremellaceae
Occurrence on wood substrate: Saprobic; clustered on
decaying deciduous wood; year-round.   
Dimensions: Fruitbody 2.5-10 cm wide and 3-4 cm high.    
Description: Brain-like to multilobed gelatinous mass; pale
yellow to orange-yellow, dark orange on drying.
 Witch's butter can dry down and rehydrate
many times. Compare to Dacrymyces palmatus, a species
similar in appearance. Dacrymyces palmatus grows on conifer
wood and has a white point of attachment.

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Figure 1. Irregularly lobed, gelatinous mass of Tremella
. Photo © William Roody.

Figure 2. Another view of Witch's Butter. Photo © Pam

Figure 3. Tremella mesenterica. Photo © George


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