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David R. Owen, Ph.D

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David R. Owen, Ph.D

Associate Professor of Computer Science

  • B.S., Messiah College, 1997
  • M.S., Ph.D., West Virginia University, 2002, 2007
Classes I teach

CIS 181: Computer Programming I

CIS 284: Computer Programming II

CIS 335: Software Engineering

CIS 384: Elements of Computing Systems

CIS 416: Operating Systems & Computer Architecture

CIS 487: Interactive 3D Graphics



Dr. Owen studied electrical engineering as an undergraduate at Messiah College. After two years on staff at Messiah, doing video production for Media Services and using computers for much of that work, he went to graduate school at West Virginia University to study computer science. At WVU, his research in software verification involved the development of an efficient alternative to model checking tools. His experiments showed that a simple, random search of the behavior represented by a formal software model can often be nearly as effective at finding defects as a much more time (and memory) consuming exhaustive search. After finishing his M.S., he continued his research another year through funding from NASA and then returned to WVU to pursue a Ph.D. After finishing his Ph.D. in 2007, he joined the faculty at Messiah College. He lives in Dillsburg with his wife Gretta and their son Gareth, born in February 2008. He and his wife have been involved with the Summer Institute of Linguistics program at the University of North Dakota since 2002, first as students and more recently as teaching assistants.