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Quinn Dyrli, M.Ed.

Adjunct Faculty in Education

Interest and areas of expertise

Quinn graduated with a degree in mathematics from Messiah College and has tutored and taught in a variety of levels in both public and private schools in Maryland and in Massachusetts. Quinn lived in Massachusetts for 17 years, with her husband and five sons, until her husband's job change led the family to Pennsylvania. This move prompted Quinn to pursue her master's degree from her alma mater. Messiah College's graduate program introduced Quinn to the world of TESOL, where she realized she had found a niche.

After completing her TESOL internship working with adult ESL students, the Lord provided Quinn with the opportunity to continue working in the organization in which she did her internship. This also provided an idea for her TESOL project: helping adult students to transition from ESL classes into preparing for high school equivalency tests. Quinn was blessed to be able to implement the curriculum that she created for her project as part of her work with the organization.

Quinn currently teaches mathematics at Luzerne County Community College, in addition to teaching ESL classes and graduate-level TESOL classes. She is a member of TESOL International and CELEA (Christian English Language Educators' Association), and is the assistant editor for the CELEA newsletter. She enjoys every opportunity to teach ESL classes at home and abroad. One of Quinn's favorite ESL teaching experiences was working at an English camp for teens and young adults in the Czech Republic along with her husband, oldest son, and several members of her church.

  • M.Ed., TESOL, Messiah College
  • B.A., Mathematics, Messiah College
Classes I teach
  • EDME 532 TESOL Internship and Seminar
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