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Amanda Lohss

Associate Professor of Mathematics



(717) 796-1800 ext. 2669

Interest and areas of expertise

Probability, Combinatorics, Mathematical Finance


B.S., Mathematics (York College of Pennsylvania)
M.S., Mathematics (Drexel University)
Ph.D., Mathematics (Drexel University)

Classes I teach
  • MATH 112: Calculus II
  • MATH 342: Applied Combinatorics
  • MATH 350: Mathematics of Finance
  • MATH 362: Algebraic Structures
  • MATH 412: Introduction to Real Analysis
  • MATH 494: Senior Mathematics Seminar


Profile & selected publications

Dr. Mandy Lohss joined the Department of Mathematics, Physics, and Statistics as Assistant Professor of Mathematics in the fall of 2017. She received her PhD in Mathematics (probabilistic combinatorics) from Drexel University in 2017. Previously she earned her BS and MS, both in Mathematics, from York College of Pennsylvania and Drexel University, respectively. Her research interests are in probability and combinatorics and she enjoys working with undergraduate students on research problems in those areas. She has passed the first two actuarial certification exams (P - Probability and FM – Financial Mathematics) and advises Actuarial Science majors. Her hobbies include running, traveling, and hiking. She and her husband, Shane, have one child and are both natives of Dover, PA.

Selected Publications

  • Statistical Structures of Concave Compositions (joint with A. Dalal, D. Parry), Annals of Combinatorics, Vol. 25, Issue 3, pp. 729-756, 2021.
  • Probabilistic Consequences of some Polynomial Recurrences (joint with P. Hitczenko), Random Structures and Algorithms, Vol. 53, Issue 4, pp. 652-666, 2018.
  • Corners in Tree-Like Tableaux (joint with P. Hitczenko), The Electronic Journal of Combinatorics, Vol. 23, Issue 4, P4.26, 2016.
  • The Asymptotic Distribution of Symbols on Diagonals of Random Weighted Staircase Tableaux, Random Structures and Algorithms, Vol. 49, Issue 4, pp. 795-818, 2016.
  • On the Asymptotic Distribution of Parameters in Random Weighted Staircase Tableaux (joint with P. Hitczenko), Journal of Combinatorics, Vol. 7: No. 4, pp. 643-670, 2016.
  • Quantum Mechanics on Laakso Spaces (joint with C. Kauffman, R. Kesler, E. Stamey, B. Steinhurst), Journal of Mathematical Physics, Vol. 53: No. 4, 042102, 18 pp., 2012.