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Dr. Jason Renn

Assistant Professor of Politics

Interest and areas of expertise

International Relations - Interstate War and Civil Conflict, Peacekeeping, International Law
Comparative Politics - Democratization, Sub-Saharan Africa, East Asia
Methodology - Quantitative Methods, Causal Inference, Data Visualization


B.A. University of Kentucky
Ph.D. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Classes I teach
  • POLI 212 Introduction to International Relations
  • POLI 213 Comparative Politics
  • POLI 312 Politics of China
  • POLI 243 Political Research Methods
  • POLI 362 Theories of International Relations
  • POLI 370 Causes of War
Selected works

Selected Works

  • With Dai, Xinyuan. "China and International Institutional Order: The Limits of Integration." Journal of Chinese Political Science 21, no.2: 177-197 (2016).
  • With Paul F. Diehl. “Déjà vu All Over Again and Peacekeeping Reform? The HIPPO Report and Barriers to Implementation 2015.” Journal of International Peacekeeping 19, no. 3-4: 211-226 (2015). 
  • With Whalley, L.A., Myers, N.R., Burton, J.L., Morrison, D.A., Rhodes, A.M., Scarborough, I., Vendrzyk, J., Zhang, W., Vander-Most, N., Taylor, K. Framing an Understanding of Sociocultural Dynamics for Civil-Military Operations. U.S. Army Corps of Engineers: Engineer Research and Development Center (2014).