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Camilo Giraldo

Assistant Professor of Engineering



FREY-226 ext. 2147

Interest and areas of expertise

Mechanical Design, Biomechanics, Control Systems, Dynamics, Instrumentation and Measurements


B.S. in Engineering (Olivet Nazarene University)
M.S., Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering (University of Kansas)

Classes I teach
  • ENGR 211 Project Management
  • ENGR 212 Programming for Engineers
  • ENGR 214 Materials, ENGR 324 Control Systems
  • ENGR 373 Instrumentation & Measurement

Dr. Giraldo joined Messiah Engineering in the Fall of 2022. Previously, he held teaching positions at Olivet Nazarene University (Assistant Professor) and the University of Kansas (Graduate Teaching Assistant). At both institutions, Dr. Giraldo was responsible for teaching courses in programming, dynamics, and control of systems. Dr. Giraldo’s research experience at the University of Kansas covered the assessment of human balance, and the development of a low-cost medical device able to reduce falls in elderly populations. His work on assessing human balance could lead to the development of an unbiased human balance “ruler”, giving doctors and physical therapists the ability to track human balance. His low-cost medical device consisted of using vibrations under people’s feet, which showed to be a potential treatment that could slow down the loss of sensation at the feet, thus reducing fall risk.

At Messiah Engineering, Dr. Giraldo teaches programming for engineers, control systems, and sensor applications. His Collaboratory involvement has included the comparison of two braces that maintain clubfoot corrections, and the development of a manual seeder that can be manufactured and maintained in Zambia. His work towards comparing two clubfoot braces (Steenbeek and Cunningham) hopes to inform clinicians about the similarities between both braces, empowering clinicians more tools to treat clubfoot. In addition, his work on the Zambia manual seeder aims to empower small scale farmers in Zambia by making the planting of seeds more efficient in terms of time, effort, and accuracy.

The desire of Messiah Engineering to help others with the knowledge we (engineers) have was the main reason why he chose to work for Messiah University. He hopes to use his research and future experiences in the Collaboratory to impact as many populations as possible, while at the same time empowering students by increasing their engineering skills.

Dr. Giraldo is originally from Medellin, Colombia, and is married to Katelynn Giraldo. Outside his work, Katelynn and Camilo enjoy spending time with their daughter Joanna, hiking in nature, and traveling around the world.