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Nicholas Weaver

Senior Lecturer of Mathematics



(717) 796-1800 ext. 2248

Interest and areas of expertise

Biostatistics, Discrete Mathematics, Mathematics Education


B.A., Mathematics (Messiah University)
M.S., Statistics (University of Colorado Denver)
Ph.D., Applied Mathematics (University of Colorado Denver)

Classes I teach

MATH 107: Applied Math for Management
MATH 111: Calculus I

Profile & selected publications

Dr. Nick Weaver joined the Department of Computing, Mathematics, and Physics as a Senior Lecturer of Mathematics in the fall of 2022. He received his PhD in Applied Mathematics (focus in Statistics) from the University of Colorado Denver in 2022. Previously he earned his BA in Mathematics from Messiah College and then received an MS in Statistics from the University of Colorado Denver while completing his PhD. His research interests are in applied statistical analyses studying human health and disease as well as active learning techniques in the classroom. Outside of work he enjoys playing volleyball and soccer, watching the Phillies and Eagles, playing board games, and hanging out with his golden retriever Bernoulli.

Selected Publications

Stephanie P Gilley, Nicholas E Weaver, Evan L Sticca, Purevsuren Jambal, Alexandra Palacios, Mattie E Kerns, Pratibha Anand, Jennifer F Kemp, Jamie E Westcott, Lester Figueroa, Ana Lucía Garcés, Sumera A Ali, Omrana Pasha, Sarah Saleem, K Michael Hambidge, Audrey E Hendricks, Nancy F Krebs, Sarah J Borengasser, Longitudinal Changes of One-Carbon Metabolites and Amino Acid Concentrations during Pregnancy in the Women First Maternal Nutrition Trial, Current Developments in Nutrition, Volume 4, Issue 1, January 2020, nzz132,

Tang M, Weaver NE, Berman LM, Brown LD, Hendricks AE, Krebs NF. Different Blood Metabolomics Profiles in Infants Consuming a Meat- or Dairy-Based Complementary Diet. Nutrients. 2021 Jan 27;13(2):388. doi: 10.3390/nu13020388. PMID: 33513734; PMCID: PMC7912106.

Joshua P. French, Mohammad Meysami, Lauren M. Hall, Nicholas E. Weaver, Minh C. Nguyen & Lee Panter (2022) A comparison of spatial scan methods for cluster detection, Journal of Statistical Computation and Simulation, DOI: 10.1080/00949655.2022.2065676

Jessica I. Murphy, Nicholas E. Weaver, Audrey E. Hendricks; Accessible analysis of longitudinal data with linear mixed effects models. Dis Model Mech 1 May 2022; 15 (5): dmm048025. doi: